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China in 1940s:
By Then China Was a Failed State

29 September 2009

He exchanged all his clothes for food so could only cover himself with a quilt when going out.

She had nothing to feed her baby so had to collect wild herbs to make meals.

She was cold, but was hungry even more, so kept begging in wind.

He was yet to lean how to speak but he had already learned how to beg.

He was too hungry to beg.

They were too weak to beg.

He died next to his empty bowl.

He died before he had a chance to eat the food in his bowl.

But China did have enough food to feed its people; however, a weak government at the time was totally incapable of confronting the heartless merchants.

A Chinese society was so divided between the rich and the poor in the past 300 years prior to the CCP's ascend to power.

A peasant brought a bowl of water to the PLA soldiers who eventually liberated China from a hell ruled by big business and the colonists from the West.

Under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong, the PLA soldiers viewed themselves as guardians and protectors of Chinese people, in particular the weak and the poor. A sign on the banner read: Do not tread on crops.

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Quotes by Confucian


The social perils are mainly derived not from the shortage in material assets but unfair distribution of wealth, and feeling of insecurity and injustice. In other words, If we share the wealth, there will be no poor people; if we have harmonious relationships, there will be no social outcasts; if our hearts feel content and at peace, there will be no civil unrest and turbulence.

得众则得国, 失众则失国.

By gaining the hearts of the people, the territory is gained; by losing the hearts of the people, the territory is lost.

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