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Crystal Artifacts
In a Palaeolithic Cave in China

15 August 2009

It is announced in a press conference held on 8 August 2009 by a Chinese provincial cultural relic authority, that a cave containing rich artifacts dating back to so-called "Palaeolithic Age" 30,000 years ago has been discovered.

The site, named Water Curtain Cave Relic Site (水帘洞遗址), is located in Flat Hill County (平山县) in Hebei (河北), a province that surrounds Chinese capital Beijing.

The sedimentary layers in the cave are described as being deposited sequentially in time, with rocks located in the bottom and the layers with animal remains and of cinder and ashes at the top, suggesting a life-style of hunting, fishing and gathering. Most of the artifacts unearthed are found to be made of animal bones, including those from rhinoceros, horses, deer and goats, while the stone articles are mainly made of limestone, metamorphite, flintstone and crystal.

It seems, 30,000 years prior to the White settlers' exploration of ora deposits in the land of the black indigenous Australians, Chinese had already developed a stone mining and processing business. Thinking China will not be able to survive without Rio's rocks and pebbles? In fact, the case of Hu the Chinese traitor of Tinto only spotlights risks of doing business with the West for the developing nations. Be vigilant, always, of those with a heritage of forcing other country into free drug trade through gunboat diplomacy.

(Source of info: 文化礼仪; photo:翟羽佳)

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