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Chinese response to Jack Lew's Demand that China must Speed up economic Reform to meet America's expectation

25 February 2014

China should accelerate plans to liberalize its economy even at the risk of fomenting social and political unrest, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said on Feb. 21 ahead of a meeting of G-20 finance officials in Sydney, reported by Bloomberg News.

"They've embraced many of the policies that we've" advocated, and in particular "we've seen progress on the exchange rate," Jack Lew said. But "I have yet to see the signs that they're moving with the speed" the U.S. would like to see, he complained.

"They're concerned about social and political stability during a time of economic transitions," he said. "We understand economic transitions are hard, but we also know that putting off economic transitions will only make it harder."

After the Wall Street Journal translated Jack Lew's remarks into Chinese and published through its weibo account, the Us politician was bombarded by the condemnation. We waited patiently for a few days to read WSJ's English translation of its Chinese followers' remarks but we've yet to see the signs that they're going to do it. It is possible that they're concerned about social and political stability back in the US, particularly on the Wall Street. We understand to report an event objectively is hard, especially for Wall Street's mouthpiece who usually would not publish a word without financial incentives. And that is why we decided to help it become a fairer media player by reporting the views from the other side, so here are some typical responses from the WSJ's Chinese followers:

孙锡良2013:Look at the way he talks: you must speed up your reform even it will cause social and political instability. I thought the reform is for the benefit of we Chinese people, in the end it is not the case; it's all for you, the Americans! No wonder "reform" is talked daily in China! No wonder the government report mentions the word "reform" thousands of times! No wonder foreigners get into the decision making circle! Now I know why! We are led by the nose by Americans!

秋风萧萧:If there are no traitors within China's top leadership, there would be no way that Jack Lew dared to speak to China in such a rude tone [as if an order issued to the General Governorate in the conquered Poland about the master race's Final Solution of the Jewish Question, a genocidal act that was directly involved by Nazi's Finance Ministry. - Multipletext].

农奴之戟:The so-called economic reform consists of nothing else but privatization, which is the old trick with that America destroyed the Soviet Union. Has America ever done even one good thing for China? Nope! Why Americans so restless now, and who are their collaborators, that's worth pondering.

金成柱1:US has positioned their collaborators in China's important departments, including the Peoples Bank [Its chief Zhou Xiaochuan is accused of helping Japan develop military capacities that allow this unreformed Fascist nation of the WWII to attempt a new war against China as the bank has purchased a large quantity Japanese bonds - Multipletext], Finance Minister, Agricultural Minister [the former minister Sun Zhengcai and current minister Han Changfu are both accused by the Chinese public of the crimes of anti-humanity for forcing Chinese population to consume US bio companies' GM products] and Foreign Exchange Administration. Everyone knows they are doing inside jobs for their American masters, maybe only President Xi Jinping doesn't know it [If it is the case, then he is certainly not fit to be China's president; and if he knows but allows these people keeping doing what they want, then he could just be one of them - Multipletext]

笑江湖2750: He indeed cares about China a great deal [like a predator cares about its prey]

寒秋0822:Is China's "reform" directed by the US?

松园自绿野斋:If you don't do what Americans demand, your overseas assess will be exposed.

道无道之道:Social unrest is not a problem, disintegration is not a problem, civil war is not a problem, as long as they can make profit, as long as China can be controlled by Americans - such is America's universal value.

李欣远:There are simple solutions to speed up Chinese economy to the rate Jack Lew may satisfy: You repay us the debt plus the interest immediately and lift sections on high-tech products export to China. We foolishly spent 4 trillion yuans to help American economy to recover during the financial crisis, now our economy slows down, but instead of returning a favour through currency stimulus, you ended quantitative easing. You Jack Lew are part of the reason why Chinese economy becomes less robust.

无盲:Li Keqiang's true intention to "force reform to progress ahead" has been exposed by Jack Lew. Wow!

红色品牌中国:Chairman Mao said: We should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports. Since Americans fervently support the reform, naturally we should oppose it. [When you take into account that Americans view China's economic development - which is supposedly to be the purpose of "reform" - as the critical threat to their vital interests, the real objective of the "reform" proposed by Americans must be quite opposite. - Multipletext]

买醉不买笑:Americans' management of their economy has resulted in the shutdown of the government and now they rely on printing paper notes to get by, yet they still do nothing to reform their economy but demand China to speed up the reform. [a man gravely ill demands others to take pill for him; he's gambling his life away - Multipletext]

轩轩闱阁:Americans should reform their debt-borrowing system first!

一路红歌001:Jack Lew hopes to turn China into Ukraine …

皇家地理学会:Why US police cracked down on the #Occupiers?

Lohas-小强:Jack Lew should allow America to become socially and politically instable first so we Chinese can learn a few tricks on how to deal with the situation.

天明人:Jack Lew just can't wait to see China get into trouble.

金色小麦回归大地:We urge America to speed up its economic reform and completely opens its market to Chinese products [that way Chinese economy will definitely pick up]

剑与火-红五星:Jack Lew is trying to create a economic condition where the Wall Street can purchase Chinese industry at a bargain price.

web数据分析与挖掘:This is a typical way that Americans talk to their China collaborators: If you fail to reform as the way I want, I'll expose your crime, kick out your kids studying and working in the US.

自转跟公转之间:America's economy is bad like hell and its Finance Minister still thinks he is qualified to tell China what to do.

风流惆怅-玉树中风:Jack Lew is so ferocious and openly calls riot in China.

辽宁原明:In what capacity Jack Lew is allowed to talk to China in such a way?

柯南二世:He really thinks China is America's colony?

海淀区小红花:China IS now America's colony.

Yhg1898: US masters have spoken out, Chinese collaborators, agents, mistresses [such as vice premier Wang Yang], what are you waiting for, hurry up, follow the instruction, or your overseas bank account will be published and your assets will be frozen.

A闲人A:Oh, this is the true nature of reform, now I know! I know! I know!!!! Jack Law's word woke us form the "China dream".

奇趣大自然:Wake up all Chinese. What we ordinary people get from the 30 years reform? The next is even worse, it's civil unrest. Thank you for speaking the truth, Jack Lew.

自在芦花:Jack Lew's next sentence must be "reform or perish".

如海苍山2: If you really can do some magic to economy, please do something to fix the American economy. Our living standards is none of your business. As an US Finance Minister, you ought to think seriously how to repay debt to China which will no doubt improve Chinese people's living standards tremendously.

粗茶粗盐:China's reform is not led forward but whipped ahead by the Americans.

冬至春望:Who is the real architect of China reform?

水瓶清虎:Great, Americans really think they are God and can decide other people's fate.

明智一族:It's hard for me to swallow that China reform is actually directed by America.

红旗漫卷西风微薄4:This is the truth about the reform, pity this America has a big mouth.

木兄吾文666:The objective of China reform is to transfer China's money into America's pocket.

h实在Now since our enemy is in favour of reform, Chinese people must oppose the reform or we'll all suffer.

iGobbySun: That is what Americans what to see in China: trouble - riot - integration - America's top enemy is destroyed - America will never need to worry about the huge debt owed to China.

雍亲王八2014:Risk China's social and political instability to carry on "reform" for the sake of helping America. What is the logic here?

寸心寸金2:China wisdom tells about 30-year circle, and now America's luck has run out!

皇家地理学会:The country that needs a reform most is the one that caused the world financial crisis and resulted countless people to become bankrupt while owns an astronomical amount of foreign debt. The young people in that country occupied the Wall Street and demand reform, but were forcibly driven out of the street and squares by police in the excuse of keeping social order. Yes, Change, we can ….

东风压倒西风123:It is very likely this master-servant relationship has been established when Deng Xiaoping bowed to the US president in his visit to the United States in 1979.


Denunciation of Jack Lew's remark about China reform not just came from Chinese weibo, but all Chinese online social media outlets. Below are some typical responses from a forum at


美财长:中国经济改革未达美国预期 应加快推进经济自由化

Jack Lew said Chinese economic reform hasn't met Americans' anticipation and should speed up its free market economy transformation.



He should just say I want to see China to start a civil war.



He should demand China to collapse.



Tiger: I beg you rabbit, can you please cut your own throat with knife?



Jack Lew could even be more straight forwards by telling Chinese to break up the country into seven pieces, that way there will be no more China [and no more top enemy - Multipletext]



Jack Lew should say it directly: We don't want to pay back the debt.



Jack Lew: I only wish I can install a button on China, whenever I press it China will disappear.



That's an open conspiracy.



Jack Lew mistakenly revealed his true roadmap for destroying China.



Jack Lew is a fool, he shouldn't tell the truth. Now what.



He accidentally spoke his mind .



He has been unwittingly honest.



He takes Chinese into his confidence.



Americans are courageously bold.



Halleluiah, Americans are not afraid to say anything.



This guy doesn't know how to speak properly.



Obama administration is worse than Bush's



China's Finance Minister should also tell America to speed up its visa application process and make US a free entry country as soon as possible even that may lead to social and political instability.



Since America wants to rise up you China must be taken down. Please transform China into a total free market economy, so you will fall at free speed.



In his veins ethical blood flows freely.



It looks US can no longer afford to wait, no wonder the guy who looted 27 billion yuans from public purse [former premier Wen Jiabao and his family] is kicked hard at ass by his masters.



America imperialists never give up their ambition of destroying China.



Jack Lew must be a Chinese agent who exposes America's roadmap to take down its top enemy through rapid reform.



China has reformed for 30 years, when America will start its reform?

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