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UN Official Weibo condemns the US' role in the Korean War

6 February 2014

Last month, the UN's official weibo posted a message explaining what happened prior to China's engagement of the Korean War and who forced China to send PVA to the the Korean Peninsular:

Official weibo of The United States: [The UN and Zhou Enlai (China's first premier since 1949)] Since July 1950, The US directed UN forces sent aircrafts into China conducting military actions including spying and shooting. Zhou Enlai telephoned the President of the UN Security Council* and launched a strong protest. He also made a complaint to the UN and demanded to put an end to America's aggression against China. In October**, China sent Chinese People's Volunteer Army to fight with the UN forces in Korean Peninsular.

*The President of the UN Security Council in July 1950 when the UN flights started invading China's territorial airspace was Arne Sunde from Norway.

** The President of the UN Security Council in October 1950 when China was forced to send Chinese People's Volunteer Army to Korean Peninsular was Warren Austin from the US.

Below are some typical responses from Chinese weiboers to the UN weibo message:

明智一族: The UN is finally a bit conscience-stricken, trying to play fair by telling the truth.

夜深沉2003: The UN has explained why China participated in the Korean War.

王海林: So the UN knows it was a puppet organization and did an injustice to Chinese.

隋阳君: This s the historical and military background of the Korean War which explains why China sent PVA to Korea. Now [ever since Wang Fang sang Hero's Paean on Chinese New Year's TV Special] a group of online IDs [many are the paid foot soldiers of the US' cyber armies recruited from Chinese with a Hong Kong and Taiwan background who can only use traditional Chinese characters and would call Chinese army as "共军 (Commie Army)" - Multipletext] keep attacking China's decision to engage in the Korean War, pour scorn on North Korean leader and shout abuse at the PVA. In the first I thought it was just different opinions about a piece of history, but now I believe it's an organized campaign.


Obama: Chang'e, We Can Believe In

Jade Rabbit, a loyal and indispensable companion of China's moon probe Chang'e III, recovered from a weeks-long coma on the fifth day of the Horse Year (February 4), the day traditionally called in China as the "Crack Five" (破五) when firecrackers let loose as the God of Wealth visited the Earth (and the moon). By next day all shops should be reopened and all businesses are supposedly resumed and all people return to work, that is if they do need to work plus they do have a job.

It is unclear whether the Rabbit woke up with a start by the sound of firecrackers, but one thing is certain, it is ready to start work on the sixth day of the new year like everyone else.

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