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the Romance of three kingdoms in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, the Year of Hot Stove Fuelled by Dry Wood

25 February 2014

Bear: I'm considering to withdraw cheap fuel supply to a instable Ukraine stove that has been increasingly used by the Tiger to barbecue alive Ukraine little bears.

Tiger: There has been considerable volatility with the temperature of the stove, you, the Rabbit, since you are so keen to save me and serve me, I demand you to move into and onto the stove to keep its temperature stable and to deliver higher standards Rabbit dishes to my tiger population.

Rabbit: My lord, please allow me to explain, growth rates in Rabbit dish provision like those in 2009 and 2010, when Rabbits contributed 50% of jungle-wide meat supply growth, that is not sustainable.

By now the Bear Federation is in control of the burning stove, while the United Tiger can only watch on from sideways and the Rabbit Republic is in a trance.

Allegedly the Rabbit possessed by a spirit of shemale from its top office is a self-loathing paramour of the Tiger who is mentally and financially controlled by an empire secretary, a money secretary, a reverse bank and a wallet street all from a group of self-appointed Chosen People.

The Rabbit is frequently abused by her lover who treats her no better than he would do to a street whore or a sex slave. Just a few days ago it has been publicly humiliated and severely scolded by the Tiger for failing to supply more delicious rabbit dishes at a high speed.

"I have yet to see the signs that it's moving at the speed I would want on its rabbit dish preparation," the Tiger said last week at a Institute of Interspecies Cannibalism conference ahead of a meeting of Gang of 20.

The Rabbit was tearful. "If I keep cutting my own flesh to make dishes for your dinner, I'll soon die of bleeding and internal organ failure," it explained.

"That creature is concerned about internal stability during a time of blood transitions and flesh slicing," The Tiger said, and became extremely exacerbated. "I understand for Rabbit to kill itself is hard, but I also know that opting out euthanasia and waiting for me to kill it will only make it harder."

On February 23, 2014, the Bear bid farewell as the best athletes from every corners of the planet gathered celebrating the record-breaking sports achievements at a Russian Olympic stadium. The Rabbit timidly stood next to the Bear, but it is the Tiger who commanded the spotlight as it directed with its piecing spying eyes a social unrest among the Ukraine audience.

The best ever winter Olympic Games closed. Its stunningly brilliant opening and closing ceremonies, unlike the recent ones taken place in London which have been labeled by some mean-spirited Chinese Netizens as public funeral services, are full of positive energies (正能量).

Performers at the closing ceremony of the Winter Games almost lost an Olympic ring, again, the red one representing American Continent. The Continent in reality was lost to the Irish Christian puritans and the Spanish Catholic conquistadors 400 years ago, as the result the native Indian populations along with their distinctive culture have been nearly wiped out.

In 2014, an unearthly influence made Sochi Olympics repeatedly pay tribute to this piece of history as if to remind those who refuse to redeem their past sins and keep committing similar new offences today of the karmic force's undeniable presence on earth.

"Where is my rabbit?" Lady Chang'e cried out from the moon.

"Rabbit has run away with her lover Tiger," replied a Russian lady.

"Oh, wish the couple live together happily ever after," said Chang'e.

"That's a wretched China dream," returned the Russian lady. "Rabbit will only live together with Tiger within her lover's stomach."

A scene in the closing ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Chinese people and Russian people seemingly share a similar dream: Our destinations are the sky and the sea (我们的目标是星辰和大海)


America's Offensive Realism: Given the difficulty of determining how much power is enough for today and tomorrow, great powers recognize that the best way to ensure their security is to achieve hegemony now, thus eliminating any possibility of a challenge by another great power. Only a misguided state would pass up an opportunity to be the hegemon in the system because it thought it already had sufficient power to survive. (John Mearsheimer: The Tragedy of Great Power Politics)

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