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Quotations from Chairman Mao

1 January 2014

The Vital Importance of the Cultural Revolution to the Success of Socialism in China

Why some people cannot clearly identify the conflict within a socialist society? Does the old capitalist class still exist? Well, haven't we all observed the presence of a great number of petty bourgeoisies? And haven't we all noticed the existence of a great number of intellectuals who keep clinging to their elite mentalities?

The problem is some officials are petty bourgeoisies themselves, and easily attracted to the Rightist point of view. When they are part of oppressive capitalist class, naturally they are blind over the fierce class struggle.

The mindset of some comrades, mainly the old comrades, still dwells at the stage of the bourgeois-democratic revolution. Theses people are unable to understand, or feel bitter or even squarely oppose a socialist transformation. Their attitudes towards the Cultural Revolution are typically two: one is feeling very resentful, another is preparing to settle accounts with the Revolution and the mass who participate in the movement.

In the age of post bourgeois-democratic revolution, the workers and the peasants do not stop advancing their quest. But a sizable number of the Party members have no intention to go further, and some of them even back away from and start to resist the revolution movement.

Why? Because these people have now occupied powerful positions and want to protect the interest of the high officials. They've got good houses, nice cars, high salaries, many servants, and they grow more formidable than the old capitalists. When they found they become the target of the socialist revolution, they refuse to accept it. They objected cooperation movement in the countryside, and they are indignant over the criticism and censure of capitalist privileges in law and in economic rights.

As we carry out the socialist revolution, we must know where the exploitative capitalist elite class is. They are right within the Communist Party, and they are in the high offices of the government.

The capitalist roaders are still walking on the way dragging China backwards.






——March 10, 1976, People's Daily, (1976年3月10日、5月16日《人民日报》 )

Establish An independent economic system

Without a modern industry, where will be a modern defence system? We must build our economic structure based on self-reliance while gaining foreign aid as supplementary support. We must dare to enter uncharted territories, independently develop our industry and agriculture, nurture technological revolution and cultural reform, purge colonial spirit and bury dogmatism, learn good experiences from other nations' successful stories and draw hard lessons from their failures - such shall be served as our roadmap. This is the roadmap we will follow when building our economic system, and this is the roadmap we should also completely follow when building our military capability.

没有现代化工业,哪有现代化国防?自力更生为主,争取外援为辅,破除迷信,独立自主地干工业、干农业、干技术革命和文化革命,打倒奴隶思想,埋葬教条主义,认真学习外国的好经验,也一定研究外国的坏经验 -- 引以为戒,这就是我们的路线。经济战线上如此,军事战线上也完全应当如此。

-- June 17, 1958, Selected Works of Mao Zedong Vol. V11 (1958年6月17日 毛选第七卷)


If a guy is condemned by everyone, this guy must have some problems; if a guy is praised by everyone, this guy must also have some problems. A real good person should be the one whom the good people praise while the nasty folks condemn.


-- a quote from Chinese Buddhist monk Xuecheng

Chairman Mao 120th  birthday Shaoshan

Before dawn on 26 December, 2013, Chairman Mao's 120th birthday, a huge crowd gathered at Shaoshan, a tiny village in Hunan Province where Mao was born, to observe the sun rise and witness how the east is red.

December 26: Chinese Celebrate China's Holy Birthday
(Chairman Mao: Dec 26 1893 - Dec 26 2013)

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