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Bo Xilai's Supporters send New Year's Greeting to China's Top Political Prisoner

2 January 2014

Like what happened last year, Bo Xilai's supporters from all walks of life risk having their online accounts closed, being harassed and even arrested and interrogated by police to post their new year's wish online for China's most popular prisoner Bo Xilai. Below are some typical posts from

New Year's greeting to Bo Xilai


Do not say the hero has gone forever, you'll hear the battle drums rolling like thunder, echoing the historical event when an unpopular emperor was forced to farewell his beloved performing artist concubine.


Happy New Year! Last night I created a new year's wish picture for Bo Xilai, but it was swallowed by the moderator soon after it was published - they must mistake it as a pork bun [Xi Jinping's spin doctors created a pork-bun eating drama at a Beijing snack shop before the new year as a desperate attempt to boost his popularity that plumbed to the bottom ever since his men delivered a life sentence to Bo Xilai - Multipletext].


I send my best new year's wish to Mr Bo who has been framed by bastards. I wish him a healthy long life! I wish him happy! As long as he is good and well, there is always hope! No matter how long the dark night is, I believe time for dawn will eventually come.

Bo Xilai vs Li Keqiang


Look at this idiot premier. He thinks he is above everyone else in China because he can speak Anhui-style English, which only exposes his self-loathing mentality, and tells how narrow his mind is and how strong the sense of inferiority he possesses. He should ask himself, is his English any better than Bo Xilai or Premier Zhou Enlai? What makes him so proud of himself just because he can roll off a twisted English tongue?


Chairman Mao couldn't speak English, but he could beat General Douglas MacArthur hollow, and could make Harvard library to collect his Chinese works. That can be considered as really really "cool"!


Without Li Yining, Li Keqiang would never have a chance to become premier. He's not on the same level with Bo Xilai.


Will 2014 help us to realise our dream: Li Keqiang steps down and Bo Xilai takes over premier's job?

Li Keqiang is a danger to China


Bo Xilai's dignity, ability and personal charisma make himself the number one enemy of some high officials in the top positions. Although he fell, like a gigantic tree cut down by nasty rascals, his brilliance and splendour will be remembered forever, that no one in today's political scene can ever dream to mimic, not even close.

2013 review - bo xilai trial


I send my new year's first greeting to Bo Xilai.


2013 has gone. This was an awful year, fortunately I had so many comrades travelling the rough journey with me, and together we fought hard battles for the freedom of our hero. This was a year when a group of political thugs revealed their true face while Bo Xilai almost convinced everyone that he is truly incorruptible!

Xi Jinping will never be forgiven


The biggest change in 2013 for me is I became Chairman Mao's fan.


I have already been a Mao fan for two years.


I'm a Mao follower since I was born, and now I'm following him more closely than ever.


The biggest change in 2013 is, while grassroots people acted more and more like true CCP members, many CCP members behaved like anything but a Communist.


1, Bo Xilai promoted the return of Mao Zedong Thought as we experienced today in China, particularly among grassroots people; 2, Bo Xilai helped Chinese public see through the anti-humanity nature of the US empire; 3, Bo Xilai forced the treacherous "public intellectuals" to expose their true colour; 4, Bo Xilai helped Chinese people to realise the grave dander imposed by the US initiated GMO; 6, Bo Xilai halted the suicidal dash of Chinese nation towards a hellish cliff led by reform-driven capitalist roaders.


That is why he has to fall - because he tried to save China. [More importantly, because he is the ONLY one in today's political circle both within and outside the system who CAN save China. - Multipletext]

Bo Xilai is national hero


I use microblog for one purpose and one purpose only, that is to support Bo Xilai. My stance will never change under any circumstance, unless he is cleaned all wrong charges.

Xi Jinping's showmanship


Chairman Mao's best inheritor in today's China was unable to attend Mao's 120th birthday celebration, what a sham!


Don't worry, people will open the prison gate and free him in a few years.


Don't be so optimistic. Today's China is under the control of a group of bandits.

Xi Jinping hopeless


Without declaring Bo Xilai is totally innocent, whatever Xi Jinping does I will just view it as public stun, nothing more!


9.22 [the day Bo Xilai was sentenced to life imprisonment] is a deep and wide dyke this government will never be able to get across.

Bo Xilai is no guilty


My New Year's first post: Wishing the man [Bo Xilai] who touched the heart of the nation all well - we'll forever cherish all the things you did for us. And I also wish those who framed him go to hell as soon as possible.


Lang Xianping [a leading Chinese economist from Taiwan Province] said only Bo Xilai's Chongqing Model can prevent China's property market from collapse.

keep support bo xilai


We went through the tough year 2013 by supporting each other. In 2014 we keep holding our ground - wait for Bo Xilai, love Bo Xilai and support Bo Xilai until the day when the sun rises. My fellow Bo Xilai supporters, happy new year, I love you all!



Bo Xilai Popularity exacerbates Mao Favour Threat

The following is the excerpt of a powerful article written by 尹舒:



薄熙来的“新改革路线”,点了极右翼的死穴 :他主政下的重庆,从打黑反腐开始,建立起了人民拥护的好政府的新改革路线,使包括多数左派在内的老百姓可望难及的期待,接近成为现实,而过时的“先富”旧路线,也有了新的替代品。这无疑引起了旧路线卵翼下的权贵资本家们的惊恐不安,也使亟盼中共垮台的公知们万分焦虑。


周分管政法系统时,为消除“警匪一家”流弊,支持了重庆打黑,也就当然被视为一个潜在挺薄因素,使倒薄力量心存恐惧,必下狠手除之,以保住政变成果。 如此一来,一场怀疑谁就整谁的政治大清洗,也就势在必行;同时,高层又不断释放“温家宝安全”信号,无疑在警示各级:顺我者,腐败亦可昌;逆我者,不腐亦要亡


不少左派一直对习抱有幻想。主政一年多实际证明,此辈纯系一个无信仰、玩政治、弄权术的公子哥儿。昨天,他还让一些水军放话,说他不会整薄,今天,他却可以凶狠地判薄无期;昨天,他还在讲共同富裕,让左派们欣喜若狂,今天,他又极力推崇亲信刘鹤,搞了一个连党内都无法接受的383血腥改革方案;昨天,他还在那里放任李克强的土地私有化,今天,又慌忙制止小产权房,要求“死守”耕地红线;… 把恢复中共执政合法性的希望寄托习身上,只能是自欺欺人。阅读全文

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