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How to get your weibo account closed

18 January 2014

The difference to China's political environment made by Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign, that is driven by a desire to purge his political rivals and executed by a ruthless & scandal-ridden Wang Qishan, is as great as the prices before and after a discount shown on the ad in the pic.

A Chinese has registered with, China's most popular online social network. One day, he checked his accounts and found one of them containing no meaningful message but notices from moderators informing him his posts were either deleted or unsuitable for public viewing.

Discovering one's account is virtually empty is not an uncommon experience for a great number of China's social media users, especially since Bo Xilai persecution in March 2012. Any post that mentioned his name without condemning him for whatever the sins the authority accused him of would be promptly deleted, and the accounts of his supporters, which are in millions, were repeatedly shut down by the online administration in corporation with the central government.

But this time it is the user who felt he got enough of his account and wanted it no more. What truly bizarre with Chinese version of twitter is while your account could disappear at anytime for a comment that is not to authority's liking, you are not able to close your account by yourself.

So here is the situation: this weibo user could neither post anything readable nor prevent others from reading his unreadable posts. Guess what he did?

He posted the following message:

I no longer want to use this account, but I can't get this account closed, so let me post some sensitive messages! Bo Xilai is a victim of political persecution! He is innocent! He is a good man! He is the backbone of the country and the conscience of the nation! Attention to moderator...


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