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Quote from Deng Xiaoping, the supreme ruler & spiritual leader of China in the recent 30 years to this very day

18 January 2014

Had Chairman Mao not initiated the Cultural Revolution and helped us to see clearly the struggles between Capitalism and Socialism through Big Character Posts and mass democracy movement, I would just be led by the nose by Liu Shaoqi.

What does it tell? It tells that after years of enjoying life in peace, my mind was unable to think clearly and could not distinguish the difference between the socialist path and the capitalist road. Many comrades had the same problems as I had but now the situation has been reversed, which is the top achievement of the Great Cultural Revolution. The main accomplishment of the Cultural revolution is to enable the CCP to adhere to its Communist core value and ensure our socialist system will never be converted into Capitalism.

The Cultural Revolution has illustrated why Chairman Mao was a great man.

-- Deng Xiaoping's speech on a meeting of provincial bosses hosted by Chairman Hua Guofeng in July 20, 1977, ten months after the death of Chairman Mao


—— 1977年7月20日邓小平在华国锋主持的各省党的负责人座谈会上的发言


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