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Robotic Cyber Commentators in China

21 August 2014

The members of China's notorious 50 Cent Party (五毛党, named from the alleged 0.5 yuan payment per posting) are the online commentators hired by Chinese authorities to post on social media spreading government propaganda and faking public opinions.

To be fair, Chinese government is not the only regime employing cyber mercenary armies. The U.S. government goes much further. Its military force is developing sockpuppetry software to promote US agenda through public opinion manipulation at a massive scale and across the world.

But Chinese government is catching up.

The above is a screen shot of a state-sponsored website page running an article about a Hong Kong actor's drug offence. The actor happens to have a same given name as the lately persecuted top-level leader Zhou Yongkang, so we see some amazing comments posted under the article.

"Firmly support the central government, China now has a good hope!!!", one said. "Good, bravo, support!", another declared. "Great, firmly support the decision made by the central government!, " the third one claimed. And the similar comments went on and on.

Obviously, the robots are programmed to trigger a government-support response to the two particular Chinese characters that form Zhou Yongkang's given name.


A robot was recently spotted begging on a Chinese street. But it didn't ask much, just meager 10 yuans to help it take a star trip returning to its home planet.

It seems this robot has more guts than China's late power-broker Deng Xiaoping who had no courage to revisit his birth village since fled home at the age of 16 after created a huge family scandal.

Yet China's militant para-police "Urban Administration Officers" (城管) were very hospitable, and insisted the alien must visit their office whether it liked it or not.

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