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Judeo-Christian's Plan to return to Jerusalem

13 July 2014

What kind of stunning event that makes the Israelis so excited?


Aha, fireworks, launched by Israeli armies into the night sky over Palestinians' land.


Unlike ordinary fireworks that emerged in the sky then quickly disappeared from the sky without a trace, these powerful ones surfaced in the sky and spread across the ground and left everlasting marks everywhere -- in buildings ...


... and to the body and mind of Palestinian mothers and children.

Don't dismiss it as an old story occurred five years ago with no correlation to current affairs in the Middle East. Here is a brand new episode freshly staged in July 2014:


Yet at China's popular social media, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli embassy to China have successfully, well almost, presented Israel as mere a victim of terrorist attack - like what China has become due to a series of killing sprees executed by East Turkestan - and portrayed Israeli armies as anti-terrorist heroes.

It is a cruel way to exploit an anti-Islamic extremism sentiment among China's general public by spreading religious hatred against Muslin populations within China and promoting hostile attitude towards Muslin nations that are friendly associated with China.

Can anyone find a better method to drive wedges between China and its allies in Asia and in the Middle East? Can anyone discover an easier tactic to turn 1.3 billion Chinese into human shields for the Judeo-Christian crusaders in their confrontation with the Islamic world?

Kill with a borrowed knife

In fact this approach has long been advocated by relevant think tanks and organisations in the West, and an old Evangelical program called "Back to Jerusalem Movement" has thus been vigorously revived since 2003 and well funded, designed to Christianise Chinese, Indians and Muslims.

According to its roadmap, the movement starts from an already fanatically Christianised South Korea, neighbouring China's traditionally spiritually confused Northeast provinces, then pushes westwards across Chinese territory and, along the Silk Road, reaches the Central Asia and the Middle East for its final destination, Jerusalem.

In the process, the major hurdle for the West global monopoly, the Chinese civilisation, that is considered to be heretic to Judeo-Christian beliefs, can be effectively wiped out, while a billion-strong Chinese Christians are expected to confront head on with the Islamic world, and - as the sponsors of the movement so hoped - convert the Muslins or, more likely and better still, perish together with entire Muslin populations in a common ruin.


During a militant Evangelical pursuit, members from a China's family church in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, known as Church of Almighty God bashed a young mother having her meal at a McDonald outlet to death for refusing to disclose her mobile phone number.

In the recent decade, new Christian churches sprout everywhere in China's urban areas ...

in villages ...

and even in remote mountain hemets.

Many of the churches are illegally built without approval by relevant authorities, and when some illegal structures are ordered to be demolished, the Christian community would quickly amass thousands of church goers, including those from overseas, to physically obstruct the order, like the one happened in Yongjia Town of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province.

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