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critical questions on mH17 crash that washington must answer, said observers from taiwan

22 July 2014

As an uproarious former state secretary from the United States who remains silent over Israel's Gaza invasion and an emotional current prime minister from Australia who stays cool when facing a humanitarian crisis in occupied Palestinian territory lead a ferocious campaign crucifying a defiant president from Russia, Chinese cyber community bombarded the West political and media establishments with sharpe questions and harsh comments. Some compare MH17 with MH370, others further link the two with the ill-fated South Korean 902 and 747 in 1978 and 1983 respectively, as well as stealth plane RQ170 captured by Iranians in 2010 - they all share a similar pattern: their scheduled flight path was altered mysteriously.

And it's not just Chinese public in the mainland China. Some well informed and highly independent observers from Taiwan Province also raised hard questions for Washington. In a local TV program, a guest declared that before Obama administration can clear suspicions over US' role in the downing of MH17, it is not qualified to present itself as a judge.

The TV program was conducted in Mandarin and here are some main points from the show:

  • Timing of the incident: Why the crash occurred immediately after Russian President Putin's visit to US' sworn foe in South America and his decision to re-activate the electronic surveillance station in Cuba? And immediately after the announcement of the establishment of the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) initiated by China and Russia that may challenge US' financial dictatorship in the world? And shortly before Putin's personal flight was expected to travel through the region near crash site?

  • Location of the incident: As White House said American surveillance assets detected the actual hot infrared plume of the missile's exhaust as it ascended toward MH17, it shall be reasonable to assume that US surveillance had followed MH17 for quite a while before the crash. So here is the question. On average, there are nearly one hundred thousand daily flights around the world, and thousands flying over so-called "troubled spots" in the globe, why US would just choose MH17 as its surveillance target? And more over, since its surveillance technology is so advanced that allows Washington to jump to conclusion that it was pro-Russia militias fired the missile, what prevented Americans from alerting the pilot or air controllers on the ground so that the tragedy might be avoided, given, especially, MH17 started to deviate its usual course when it was in US ally Poland's air space, and given CIA agents and its contractors, including the very capable and ruthless Blackwater, are ultra active in east Ukraine and within UKraine military forces.

  • Highly coordinated responses by US and Ukraine governments. Almost at the same time when the news of crash was released, both regimes have already reached their conclusion as if they were monitoring the incident all the way through and witnessing the crash on the spot. Or, maybe, they indeed were. "事出反常必有妖“, as an old Chinese saying goes, which means if some weird things happened, there must been some wicked elements involved. Therefore the US and Ukraine governments and intelligence services are compelled to hand over the communication records on their collaborated intelligence collection and target surveillance to be examined by the world community if they ever wish to declare their innocent.

  • limited military capabilities of Ukraine militias. Washington and Kiev stated the flight was brought down by SA-11 Buk missile while Buk was produced by Russia, kiev further claimed it had one Buk missile missing, which mean the pro-Russia militias must be responsible for the MH17 attack. However, first all, most weapons in Ukraine are made by Russia since the Ukraine army used to be part of Russian military force; and secondly, even militias indeed laid their hand on a Buk missile, without a sophisticated radar station which only specially trained military experts can operate, there is no why they could bring down any object 10,000 metres above the ground; and finally, had militias really acquired military capability as such, Ukraine army would have no chance to advance their military campaign in the pro-Russia regions and east Ukraine may have already gained full independence.

  • U.S.' checked record on shooting down civilian planes. Of 5 major such anti-humanity crimes, 3 (60%) were committed by the U.S. and its special ally Israel, which include the destroy of Italian airline DC9 by U.S. warplane F104 on June 27, 1980 and shooting down of Iran passenger jet by U.S. navy on July 3, 1988. Since 2004, and particularly during Obama and Hillary Clinton/John Kerry era, CIA drone strikes have recklessly killed 176 children in Pakistan alone! For a country with a long history of bringing down foreign civilian aircrafts and slaughtering innocent children, it would be quite rational to put it at the top of the suspect list for a thorough and independent investigation.

before down, MH17 had already behaved rather weird

Shortly before MH17 went down, AI113, a passenger plane from Indian airline was at one moment just 25 km (about 90 seconds) away the doomed flight and made an attempt to communicate with the Malaysian pilot but received no response, Singapore media reported on July 20.

AI113 at the time was traveling westwards from Delhi to Birmingham in Britain, and the two flights passed each other in Dnipropetrovsk flight information region (FIR).

According to a report on the Times of India, AI113 was requested by Dnipropetrovsk FIR to contact MH17 since the flying path of the latter was dangerously deviated to near that of Indian jet. Allegedly Ukraine FIR's attempt to alert the Malaysian pilot was unsuccessful.

There is also allegations that just moment before MH17 crash, Indian pilot heard FIR offering MH17 pilot with direct routing.

Warplane escorted MH17

The Russian Defense Ministry said on July 21 that an Ukraine attack aircraft SU-25 was spotted near MH17 and simultaneously at same altitude before the boeing777 crashed.

As one video viewer pointed out at Youtube that it is certainly plausible that a missile launch from an SU25 could acquire a target at a range of 3000 metres. And it's also understood that the common arms of the aircraft are easily accurate out to 5 klicks.

And at the moment of crash, an U.S. satellite was detected to fly over Ukraine. Russia demands U.S. to publish the satellite image data.


John Kerry: It's pretty clear that Missile system used to down MH17 came from Russia.

Vladimir Putin: It's pretty clear that planes used to down the world trade centre came from America.

The fourth player in the game

A noted Chinese social media identity Bao Dike (鲍迪克) wrote on weibo:

I had a lunch with two of my friends at Buddhist temple Dragon Spring (龙泉寺 in Xishan, the west of Beijing) and talked about the MH17 over the meal. We believed respectively that the flight was brought down by Ukraine, Russia or anti-Ukraine government militia.

Just when we argued among ourselves, a monk who came to clean our table said: why do you think the culprit has to be among the three?

Who else do you think can be? We asked the monk.

The monk replied: When the cause and the condition meet, the consequence is manifested.

I pursued: What is the cause and what is the condition for the down of MH17?

And the monk returned: Well, a desire to bring down the flight is the cause and the capacity to bring down the flight is the condition.

Oh, of course, I now realised it could be the fourth player who destroyed the plane.

q & a on mH17 crash:

Q: Who produced MH17?
A: America.

Q: Who is capable of remote controlling MH17?
A: America.

Q: Who is benefited from the incident?
A: America.

After U.S. Navy shot down Iran passenger plane in 1988 and killed 290 people on board including 66 children --

U.S. President Bush Senior said: "I will never apologize for the United States of America, I don’t care what the facts are."

The Gospel Truth from holy Tony, A Secular Abbot

Tony was a minister (church), then Tony became a minister (health), and now Tony is a minister (prime). And Tony's aspiration is to work as a secular abbot(t) preaching his own Gospel truth to the mankind: We admired the skill and the sense of honour that Fascist Japanese imperial armies brought to their task ....

Has anyone ever noticed how Jewish community pursue Nazi sympathisers?

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