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Joint Resistance Forces Vs a Regime who tries to dictate the world

21 May 2014

A week-long Joint Sea-2014 drill between Chinese and Russian navies commenced on 20 May, the day of Putin's arrival in Shanghai and the day after the US domestic spy agency (FBI) ordered to bring five Chinese military servicemen to be tried under the US law.

Washington became hysterical and issued a wanted poster against five Chinese army officers for the alleged crimes that are openly committed by NSA, CIA and FBI against China, Russia, Germany, Brazil and almost all other countries in the world.

Obama administration must have experienced hallucinations, dreaming that Chinese army has already become part of US military force and China is once again ruled by an alien regime, this time from Washington. We guess the next decision Obama will make could be to send drones to air strike Beijing or deploy combat troops to Shanghai or further issue a wanted poster against Chinese president, like what it did to the head of former Yugoslavia, of former head of Iraq, of former head of Libya, all in the excuse of capturing cyber terrorists.

Chinese online community is generally unsatisfied with Chinese government's weak response and urges the authority to reward the five servicemen with gold medals.

True, since the objective of Chinese army is to defend China's physical and virtual territories against the aggressions from hostile countries, and since the US has openly defined China as its No. one enemy state thus the US becomes China's chief antagonist in the 21st century, even the five Chinese servicemen indeed did what Washington accused them of, it is not only perfectly legitimate but it is their duty and obligation to do so. After all, this is what the US has been doing to China for decades.

On the other hand, if a lawless Obama regime still reckons it has a right to place charges against Chinese officers who allegedly spied on US businesses, then China must have more justifiable reason to arrest US officials who have ordered to spy on former Chinese president, and the wanted poster shall at least list the names of the following five (wo)men: US president, US vice president, US secretary of the state, US secretary of defence and NSA director.

History is made: a win-win deal sealed - Exit the Petrodollar, Enter the Gas-o-Yuan

Russian President Vladimir Putin entered the heart of China on Tuesday, May 20, with a large political, military and business entourage, including bosses from gas companies and officials from Crimea and those with their names proudly on the list of US sanction. (the pic is a photoshop product)


Resistance Forces are gathering Against the revival of Neo-Nazism

A scene from the 21st century's most spectacular military parade for commemorating Russia's Victory against Hitler's Nazism

For the first time in the PLA's history, a large group of veterans held a rally in Shenzhen on 18 May, two days before Russian president and the head of states from other Asian & Eurasian countries to attend Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) summit, demanding the America-based country the United States to get out of Asia.

Giant M-26 forest guard helicopter

China and Russia may make a joint effort to develop the world's biggest helicopter, which will have a maximum takeoff weight twice as high as that of M-26.

Ka-226T has a capacity to accommodate seven passengers.

Russia is also willing to sell China its most advanced helicopters, including Ka-226T.

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