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military cops & police dogs force the workers back to Factory working for a Law-broken Taiwan businessman

27 April 2014


Guangdong shoe factory workers have been in strike since middle of April and local government sent armoured vehicles to arrest the strike leaders and force the rest to go back to work.

Chinese government in Dongwan, Guangdong Province, also known as China's porn capital, sent military cops and police dogs to force the workers back to workshops working for a blood-sucking Taiwan businessman who broke Chinese laws by failing to pay for workers' social security.

The fact that tens of thousands of workers are facing a grim prospect after leaving their job was revealed recently when a long-term employee reached her retirement age but found she would not be able to receive retirement pension.

The Taiwan shoe factory owner, like vast majority of Taiwan business people and other investors from outside the mainland China, have a whole range of exemptions that the local business are not entitled to. Such privileges were secreted granted to non-mainland Chinese businesses, especially the multinationals, by the governments in Guangdong, a province largely controlled by the greedy family of late Ye Jianying (叶剑英), a notorious playboy and political schemer, and Wang Yang (汪洋), one of the most unpopular public figures in China.

After ten days of struggle between the workers and a government-backed Taiwan business tycoon, the strike ended without achieving its objective, and the shoe makers have to keep making shoes at a slave wage without any basic benefits through the May Day, workers' festival.

The above is the copy of an open letter addressed to the workers in strike by the government-sponsored Dongwan Worker's Union. In the letter the union warns the workers: If you continue to strike, you may violate security laws and regulations and could be prosecuted.

A well-kwon Chinese weibo ID commented: "You can understand today's China from the following three pictures."

The three pictures referred by his post are (from the left to right): 1) A scene of police cracking down workers' strike; 2) A scene of rehearsal for a program to celebrate May Day; 3) A letter of threat to workers issued by worker's union.

Another weibo ID noted: "Workers were escorted to factory, are they prisoners?"

Are they? Forced labourers?

Happy May Day, Guangdong factory workers!







群众乙:这是个识时务的俊杰,需要他讲过这些话的时候,有人可以证明他讲过这些话;需要他没讲过这些话的时候,有人可以出面否认他讲过这些话。见人说人语,见鬼说鬼言;菜单上是庆丰肉包子,端上桌是兰州大刀面;这边厢严词谴责“炎黄”,那边厢御姐坐镇“春秋”;进可以攻,退可以守;不论信仰、只谈权谋 - 此乃政客的最高境界啊!不要用人民领袖的标准来要求他嘛。

Has China's state council secretly reached an agreement with the US on TPP? Otherwise why Wen Jiabao & Li Keqiang administrations follow TPP rules faithfully at the expenses of China's national interest?

TPP: Step Towards a global government?

Hundreds of US corporate officials have gained access to TPP provisions to advice how the deal should be made according to their best interest, but the US public was entirely uninformed, reported by Stephen Lendman, the author of "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War".

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk "effectively has said that the administration must keep TPP secret because otherwise it won’t be able to shove this deal past the public and Congress." The secretive TPP Investment Chapter include:

  • Prohibit the governments from regulating foreign companies operating in their country.

  • Establish a two-track legal system. Foreign firms will be exempt from the local laws. They'll be able to sue the local governments in foreign courts.

  • Let foreign corporations demand and receive compensation for costs incurred in complying with local financial or environmental regulations.

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