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When Japan met the US on the Tomb Sweeping Day

7 April 2014

When Japan met the US on China's Tomb Sweeping Festival

US War Secretary Chuck Hagel and Japanese War Minister Itsunori Onodera cuddled together on April 5, 2014 to comfort each other when facing ghost busters from Russia and possibly China

Japan's war minister is not the only wretched Japanese politician acted like a typical loser when met his powerful foreign counterpart. Its prime minister behaved even worse when greeted a US politician ranked considerately lower than himself:

But we are not here discussing if Japan is a nation with or without a sense of self-respect and dignity. We are interested in US war minister's warning.

“You cannot go around the world and redefine boundaries and violate territorial integrity and the sovereignty of nations by force, coercion or intimidation, whether it's in small islands in the Pacific, or in large nations in Europe,” war minister Chuck Hagel announced the new ground rule solemnly in Japan on the tomb sweeping day.

Which means whoever has a grip on a piece of land, no matter to whom it originally belonged, the right to own it as a trophy must not be challenged.

Great! Now when Hagel demanded people not to challenge existing boundaries on April 5, Crimea has already been defined as part of Russian territory for 18 days, so US should stop whingeing around and making nuisance noise about taking botched sanctions against Russia that only left US astronauts floating in the space like wandering ghosts and US space program partially grounded.

And then it is Syria. If Chuck Hagel is not a man of hypocrisy, he should do as what he preached and stop sending US Blackwater killers and CIA agents into Syrian territory to violate its sovereignty. And same about Iran, and about Pakistan, and Afghanistan of course. (We have not included countries with their sovereignty gravely violated by US forces before Hagel's decree, such as Iraq and Libya and etc. and etc....)

On the other hand, the US needs to swing into action swiftly in Europe. Just one day after Hagel issued his new decree to the world, thousands of Ukrainians in Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkov waving Russian flags flooded the streets, and seized state offices, in an attempt to redefine boundaries and violate territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Please, please, please retract President Obama's coward statement that the US will not “be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine.”

In order to convince Chinese and Japanese that the US not just offers lip service like Obama usually does but is dead serious about its determination to defend both Japan and the US homeland (What these have to do with US homeland is beyond us. But, never mind!) from rule breakers, please send Navy destroyers equipped with missile defence systems to defend Ukraine's current sovereign integrity. And make sure to include other steps to bolster US military posture in Russia, such as to "accidentally" bomb Russia embassy to Japan (US has military bases there so it shall not be a difficult task) and deliberately stage a mid-air collision between US spy plane and Russia's interceptor fighter jet at the border of Russia's Kuril Islands.

Otherwise people (such as Chinese) may not give a damn to the US warning. To illustrate our point, here we translated some Chinese online responses that we found at

Xdxp805: 乌克兰没有误判美帝保护他的决心,结果克里米亚丢了

Ukraine did not misjudge US's determination to defend it from its neighbour, as the result, it lost Crimea.

一叶浮萍FX 普京出兵克里米亚,奥巴马公开警告说,必须马上撤兵,否则会让他付出代价!然后呢?呵呵,现在的情况是俄罗斯用天然气天天让美国的欧盟在那付出代价呢,奥巴马屁都不敢放一个...

When Putin mobilized its troops stationed in Crimea, Obama warned he would make Russia pay dearly if Russia did not give up any military activities there! What happened then? Ha ha, now Russia makes US allies to pay dearly for using Russia's gas. And what Obama can do about it? Nothing!

风为谁动: 老人常说一句话,汪汪叫的狗不咬人,咬人的狗不叫。老美就像那只叫的欢的狗~

There is old saying that barking dogs seldom bite while a biting dog never barks. The US is just a dog keeping barking at everyone all the time.

海投机2013: 他这是被普京打脸了,怕兔子再开片,老美真出不了兵,那时就笑话了,所以先压压兔子,维护下警察的角色,兔子别上当,反着做就ok

Obama and Hagel have just been slapped hard in the left face by Putin, and they fear China may follow Putin's suit to slap in their right face. If it does happen while US once again dares not to get into a military excursion, its paper tiger nature will be fully exposed. I think if Chinese government is smart enough, China should do exactly opposite to what the US demanded.


Robert Fisk: Sinister efforts to minimise Japanese war crimes and portray the empire as a victim must be exposed

These “comfort women”, the Japanese military’s repulsive euphemism for the victims they turned upon with such sexual sadism, were gang-raped, used as prostitutes and often butchered by Japanese soldiers during their occupation of Korea and China in the late 1930s, in the early years of what was for them – but not for us – the Second World War. These women – the few ageing survivors and the many dead – are a symbol of Japan’s wartime disgrace.

Now you would have thought, wouldn’t you, that these poor women (forced into mass prostitution by the Japanese army and government over many years) had themselves suffered “feelings of exclusion, discomfort and anger”? But no, it’s poor Michiko Shiota Gingery, presumably of Japanese origin, who’s all upset at the Glendale monument to this most appalling of Japanese war crimes. Furthermore (a gritting of teeth is necessary here), a joint lawsuit claims that Glendale City – a peaceful and intensely boring suburb of greater Los Angeles – has exceeded its power by infringing on the US government’s right to conduct America’s foreign policy; thus “the monument threatens to negatively affect US relations with Japan, one of this nation’s most important allies…”

If the Germans started to deny the truth of the Jewish Holocaust, I suppose it would only be a matter of time before the anti-Semites of Europe lined up to express their “feelings of exclusion” every time they saw a memorial to Hitler’s war crimes. But when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shames himself and his country by wandering through the Tokyo Yasukuni shrine, what else can we expect? Read on

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