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3 dead, 79 injured, terrorist attack at Urumqi train station during peak hour

1 May 2014

South Gate of Urumqi train station where terrorist attack occurred at 7pm Wednesday

China's state television and official news agencies reported late last night that at 7pm, the rush hour in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province, knife-wielding terrorists attacked passengers and detonated an explosive that killed 3, injured 79, with 4 in serious but not life-threatening conditions. Two suicide bombers are found among the dead, according to Urumqi police.

The crime scene is right in the front of the station's South Gate, which is also the entrance to an express bus station. A sign in white and blue for a police post is clearly visible, in a distance less than 20m away.

Passengers' luggage and the victims' torsos scattered around before the train station

The incident happened only hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping and his high profile entourage left the city after a 4-days working tour around the province.

A Chinese researcher believes this brutal act was staged as an open demonstration of some certain forces and certain countries against Xi Jinping's decision to get tough with terrorists.

In July 2009, when East Turkestan members traveled from their villages to Urumqi for violent assault against Han populations, they all got a return train tickets, which displays their remarkable confidence over the possibility that they would be able to get away with the crime, and which also shows the event was a well organized operation. Yet so far the local government is still unable to crack down the organisers responsible for the July attack.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has already ordered the provincial government to do whatever necessary to bring the terrorists and the forces behind to face the justice.

At 9pm, two hours after the attack, Urumqi train station reopened to public and passengers were allowed to board the trains.


Chinese Demand US to Hand over Terrorists

The East Turkestan separatists did not even spare a baby in their killing spree taken place on Saturday night at Kunming train station, that left at least 29 dead and 130 injured. Most victims are peasant workers waiting for the train over night as they could not afford costs for a hotel room.

As the events happened on Saturday, March 1, 2014 (Beijing time):

At around 12pm, the J-20, China's first fifth-generation stealth fighter successfully conducted a test flight.
At around 18pm, Russian Parliament authorized sending troops to Ukraine to protect ethnic Russian community.
At around 21pm, terrorist attacks coordinated by US-Germany based East Turkestan occurred in Kunming train station. All terrorists dressed in an identical uniform.

What Obama Have Done in Xinjiang?

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