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A Letter from a Japanese Imperial Soldier: Systematic Genocide of Chinese population

27 April 2014

This is a Japanese official file recording the details of a letter sent by a Japanese soldier from China during the WWII:

"From tenth day this month, we started to resume our burning and killing of (Chinese) communist soldiers and tribes, all men were shot dead .... Dropped tears when confronted with appalling scenes like little children without parents, but when I realised they were the kids of an enemy country, and it would be dreadful if they were allowed to grow up, I know I have to be ruthless so I just threw them into fire ...... Total amount of people to be killed in this village is 150."

A Japanese soldier's letter to home intercepted and recorded on file by Japanese military surveillance unit


Ryukyu: America's Junk Heap in Pacific and China's Crimea in East Sea

When after the WWII the US demanded to set up military bases in Japan, Japanese government readily offered 20% of Ryukyu land and deliberately turned a blind eye on what Pentagon might do over there and generously relinquished its right to ask the US to clean up any pollution the military force might cause.

The Japanese governments, particularly the one that sighed the Japan-US Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and the one currently under the leadership of Shinzo Abe that is about to sigh a new agreement to further expand the US military bases in Ryukyu, may be only too happy to see Pentagon contaminate the land with deadly chemical agents and permanently harm the health of the native populations.

Japanese government did it in China through Unit 731 anyway when they tried to take over Chinese land for themselves. Those in the government may feel grateful for Pentagon actually doing them a great favour in Ryukyu.


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