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Jet Li's Charity Questioned

29 April 2014

A deep pocketed Jet Li: I'm not gonna be accountable with your money but you're accountable with your demand asking me to be accountable.

Kong Fu movie star Jet Li is being demanded by Chinese public to reveal how he spent the huge amount of cash donations his personal charity account collected in 2013 in the name of helping Ya'an earthquake victims.

After a systematic attack on China's Red Cross (which since former Family Planning boss, a Manchu descendant and Han baby killer, headed the organisation quickly turned into a target of public ridicule due to deliberate and consistent revelations of corruption scandals), the cash donation, most from Chinese battlers and many from school kids and some from folks struggling to make ends meet, to Jet Li soared and his private charity became the biggest donation sucking machine in China.

Yet one year later, of 385 million yuans Li received, only a mere 47 million spending can be publicly tracked.

China's top ten charity organisations' account balance related to Ya'an quake

When a Chinese website formerly known as, set up by grassroots Chinese youth for exposing Western media lies on Lhasa terrorist attack in 2008 in the lead up to Beijing Olympics, questioned the whereabouts of the rest of the 300 million yuans, Li replied arrogantly that 300 million is an amount too small to fill in his and his rich business partners' deep pocket.

While refusing to let public know how he spent public money, he hired a solicitor to threat the website with law suit.

Jet Li couple are known as Dalai Lama's personal followers and a public suspicion is mounting that Jet Li, a Singapore citizen, has established a charity institute to collect funds for an US backed separatist lama government in India. That may also explains why Jet Li exhibits his strong hostility towards that particular website now called, despite it is not the only website raising the question.


黒幇微博 (在关注李连杰捐款风波时无意中发现,中国光彩基金会受捐4549万元,支出部分竟是零,这个光彩基金理事长就是胡德平,副理事长卢志强同时也是胡德平老婆创办的天诺基金会秘书长,请问胡德平,黑老大刘汉捐给你夫人那一个亿去哪啦?4549万元的地震捐款又去哪儿啦?

cwinux (日后再分裂国家、反政府,就不需要米国、日本等提供经费了,有一群“慈善人士”在慷慨捐款。

A Brief History of the End of Time for an Empire依靠房地产和基础建设投入,拖动工业发展和经济发展,这个模式发展了这么多年,在统治阶级的上层和中层积累了那么多财富,靠拍电影、炒收藏、做地皮、伪慈善、假投资这些手段洗钱,怎么洗得完?

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