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On the eve of Obama's visit, Japanese celebrate Hitler's birthday

23 March 2014

A Sunday rally in Tokyo celebrating Adolf Hitler's 125th birthday and calling to terminate all Chinese and Korean populations like what Nazi Germany did to Jewish people. J

April 20, three days prior to Obama's official visit to Japan, extreme right wing Japanese politicians and political activists held a lavish banquet and street parade to celebrate Hitler's 125th birthday. The rally taken place in the bustling Tokyo centre got the green light from Japanese authority.

A pro-Nazi right wing Japanese youth at Sunday's Hitler rally

Former politician Hiroyuki Seto issued a call for people to "gather on the day of the birth of the great and excellent supreme leader" Adolf Hitler. Previously he publicly ridiculed the notion of Holocaust, Nanjing massacre and sex slave. "What's wrong with saluting Hitler?" he asked. "Anybody still believes he ever massacred Jews? That is as much a lie as the tales about the Rape of Nanjing and the comfort women."

Thus on Sunday, the Nazi swastika flags were raised high in Japanese capital, and demonstrators addressed Hitler as president and demanded Kono and Murayama statements to be retracted. The participants also mocked South Korean President Park Geun-hye and the former sex slaves of Japanese Imperial Army, branding them as "beggars, prostitutes".

The rally urged the return of the so-called "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," an imperial dream of an isolated island people who believe they are, somehow, superior than all other Asian races therefore should perch atop the summit of this inherently hierarchical Sphere and rule at least half of the planet. They tried to make the dream come true during the WWII with the weaponry help from the US and strategic assistance from Nazi Germany, which resulted the death in millions, and resulted their own country being militarily occupied and politically dictated by America ever since.

Yet the dream of a great Japan is still alive and well. As the rally organiser (たかぎ しゅうへい) said when interviewed, “For realising Japanese dream of establishing the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, it is essential that we commemorate the alliance between Imeprial Japan and Nazi Germany."

But it is unlikely that vast majority of Germans would feel flattered by Japan's effusive praise of the link between two countries during the WWII, and Angela Merkel doesn't seem to have any plan to personally go there to reinstate this liaison.

Instead, it is Barack Obama, the president of the United States, arriving in Tokyo today to offer support for Japan's extreme right wing government that denies war crimes and honours war criminals.

(Sources of photo and info: Hong Kong·China Review,


In East Ukraine, that is against a pro-Nazi Kiev regime supported by the US, anti-Nazi signs are held high.

It looks a clear battle line is drawn between pro and anti-Nazi forces.

A new anti-fascism showdown is looming!

Diaoyu Islands: The Truth

The Diaoyu Islands Were taken by Japan in 1895 after waging an aggressive war against China. A few decades later, after a catastrophic Kyoto earthquake in 1923 that killed about 142,800 people, Japan attacked mainland China in 1931 with greater force and with a renewed sense of urgency.

Japan's Imperial Drive

According to an UN treaty, Japan as a defeated fascist nation of WWII must give up its former territory possessions outside its four home islands and return the Ryukyu Islands and Diaoyu Islands to China. Without resolving this problem left from the war, Japan can never be a normal country again but has to be overruled by the United States.

Yet the desire to seek honour through war and the yearning for conquering others are so deeply embedded in the collective Japanese psyche which may take this country much longer, and much much longer to be rehabilitated. Japanese people really need to work harder. Harder!

Unit 731, Japan's Bio Warfare Army

Nazi Germany also conducted human experimentation on Jews in concentration camps, mainly in the early 1940s. After the war, these criminals were prosecuted. But Japanese killing doctors who performed live autopsy for over a decade were never tried, instead they went on to work in America to advance the new empire's bio warfare capacity.

Japanese Style Anatomic Medicine

The newly released photos show how Japanese army under the command of Japanese emperor, led by Japanese government, and backed by its population traveled to China's capital Nanjing to carried out Japanese-style anatomic medicine experiments using living humans. Let's congratulate Japan's progress in medical research and forward our sincere sympathy for a dreadful karmic consequence that the nation is sure to receive.

40 Years of Struggle: Ryukyu Independence Movement

Ryukyu Islands have a population of 1.4 million people, and is home to 74% of US troops stationed in Japan. A deep rooted anti-Japanese sentiment, along with a strong presence of foreign military forces and a high crime rate related to the US troops constantly fuel the independence movement.

July 7, 1937 Beijing Lugou Bridge

On the night of July 7, Japan decided to once again challenge China's sovereignty and resumed military manoeuvres without advanced notice. The Chinese troops were alarmed and a brief fire were exchanged.

Japan's Biological Warfare Against Chinese

When Japan met the US on the Tomb Sweeping Day

Robert Fisk: Sinister efforts to minimise Japanese war crimes and portray the empire as a victim must be exposed

Japanese Culture of Hypocrisy and Cruelty

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