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Will Chinese peasant save US astronauts trapped in the sky

5 March 2014

Chinese peasant: I'm laser focused on a plan to help the US astronauts to end their reliance on US government to get back to Earth.

Solar hot water system in the shape of rockets mounted to the rooftop of Guangdong peasant Huang Yuzhan's family home

While two US astronauts are relying on Russians to give them a lift home, and "in at least one important area" the US is dependent on Russia in terms of national defense, NASA goes politics and stops science and technology collaboration with its indispensable space program partner.

"NASA is laser focused on a plan to return human space flight launches to American soil, and end our reliance on Russia to get into space," declared NASA.

Yet this laser-focused plan has been sharply questioned by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Defense Subcommittee. She believes it could cost up to $1 billion over five years for Americans to produce their own engines to lift rockets for the EELV program.

Does that mean the US astronauts will have to stay off the Earth for another five years?

Not so - NASA says - "NASA and Roscosmos will, however, continue to work together to maintain safe and continuous operation of the International Space Station."

It seems the guys in NASA believe they can bash and insult whoever they want and in whichever way they prefer. Remember how they slapped in the face of Chinese by refusing them to participate in their program?

But Russian government is not Chinese government.

Not so, Russia says. And so Russian Federal Space Agency has opened an account at Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (that is on US sanction list) for all future financial transactions related to Russian space program. Further, Russia announced it will no longer offer discounted price for helping sending US and EU astronauts to space. On top of that, the return trip from space will also be fully charged, which means it will cost $180 million for a NATO astronaut to take a visit to the space.

So a Chinese military fan asked a hard question at (green texts added by Multipletext):

灌水也是生产力 时间40多年前就十几次把宇航员送上月球并且安全返回地球的NB国家,40年后居然没办法让宇航员从地球轨道上的空间站返回地面。

A country of supermen could send astronauts to the moon back and forth for a dozen times 40 years ago [allegedly], how come it now can not even bring them back from the space station in low Earth orbit. [Don't you feel it's very odd?]

Other Chinese are eager to provide solutions for both sides:

回帖更精彩: 跳伞吧,然后搜救。。。

Do a skydiving [NSA and US military drones shall have no problem with locating the landing spot]

elisealice: 这有何难?空间站公投独立并入俄罗斯即可。

Hold a referendum at the International Space Station to let astronauts decide if they want to declare independence and join Russia Federation.

变幻无定: 妙计!!让普京发俄国国籍!

Time for Putin to prepare two extra Russian passports.

五香粉: 在空间站逾期不归的,可能还要加收租金.

Don't forget to charge extra rental fee if the US fails to bring its astronauts back home on time.

带一只毛猴: 应该是送上去9000万,送下来9个亿,你美弟不是整天讲人权吗?有本事把你的宇航员丢太空不回来了。

Charge US as much as you wish for the returning trip, Russia! Give them an opportunity to demonstrate to the world how they put human rights ahead of national interest, as they have tirelessly advocated.

范利民: 哈哈,整天制裁这个制裁那个的,也不秤一下自己几斤几两,这下好了,被反制裁了吧!

Americans become obsessed with sanctioning others, now let them taste their own medicine.

And one advice is more close to home:

游糊: 所有稀土相关业务的往来账户一律在昆仑银行开户。其他任何银行账户不受理。

China should do the same to America, EU countries and Japan in rare earth trade. All financial transactions related to rare earth must be done through China's Bank of Kunlun [and in Chinese currency RMb]


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