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Chinese comments on East Ukraine Revolt

14 April 2014


Why Chinese believe Hong Kong's recent "pro-democracy" riot is an act of external aggression by USA? Early this month in White House, US vice president Joe Biden personally coached Hong Kong opposition leader who is vocally pro-independence, pro-US and anti-China.

神棍寇谦之 ( 擦,乌克兰形势急转啊,哈尔科夫、卢甘斯克、顿涅茨克一夜之间冒出十几个亲俄草台班子,地方长官和暴力机关大批倒戈,外围的敖德萨等地也开始闹起来了.

The truth is it is not just the grassroots ethnic Russians participating in the uprising but a large number of local government officials and law enforcement officers also stand by the rebels.

An effigy of Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Yymoshenko, who believes all ethnic Russians should be killed by nuke, is hanged in front of the offices of SBU state security service in Luhansk (Reuters)

龙神帝国万岁 ( 现在就看大毛愿不愿意吃下这块肉!不吃白不吃,MD的底牌已经被大毛看穿了,国力都被兔子牵制在东亚,真不敢两线摊开。欧洲都是人精,德佬不冲在前面咬大毛,谁也不会去当炮灰。

Now it depends on whether Russia intends to take over East Ukraine. But why not? Obama's cards are now all out on the table. Since the US is locked in East Asia with China [Congratulations to Japan for having successfully dragged the US to perish with it in its military quest for a continent - Multipletext], Washington has very few options left when facing challenges from Russia. As for the Europeans, those are historically opportunists. Unless Germany once again jumps out first.

SUN ( 德佬牙口不行,要英法德把坦克全开基辅去,毛子才会认真一点

Germany has little military strength, unless it can motivate France and UK to send all their tanks to Kiev. Otherwise they have no chance.

正经人 ( 公知上台啥后果,清醒一点的都明白。等到明年冬季,连天然气取暖都没用的。再不闹就完蛋了。乌克兰人(西乌几个州除外)和俄罗斯人差别很小。基辅这些公知这样干,是不得人心的。

Eastern Ukrainians all know what it means for them to live under this US-backed government. When next winter comes, they could all be left to freeze to death without Russia's discounted gas supply. Now they are actually fighting for their own survival. Besides, Ukrainians (except those in few western states) have so much in common ethnically and culturally with Russians. By militarily cracking down the insurgents in the East, the US allies in Kiev will only further isolate themselves among Ukraine people.

哈士奇 ( 基辅墙垒起来!

Waiting for a day to see a Kiev Wall to be erected between the east and the west.


US hand in China's separatist movements.

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