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China and Russia are to hold joint Naval Drill in the East Sea in May

29 April 2014

Chinese Navy fleet cruised the Diaoyu Islands area late April - Wish US President Obama can take a good notice of what is happening in the East Sea and prepare to do what he promised to its chief ally in Asia, a nation whose government made a deliberate move to demonstrate its pro-Nazi stance by paying tribute to a shrine housing WWII war criminals just day before Obama's official visit.

On Monday, April 28, China and Russia began the third and the final meeting in Shanghai to plan joint navy drill "Naval Interaction 2014" in late May, The Voice Of Russia reported.

The delegation of the Russian Navy led by chief of the Combat Training Department include representatives of the Main Naval Command and of the Pacific Fleet.

Early in January, Russian and Chinese warships escorted a Danish ship with a consignment of Syrian chemical weapons materials, which was the first practical interaction between the two navies.


A Letter from Japanese Soldier:

"I Dropped tears when confronted with appalling scenes like little children without parents, but when I realised they were the kids of an enemy country, and it would be dreadful if they were allowed to grow up, I know I have to be ruthless so I just threw them into fire ......"

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