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Ryukyu: America's Junk Heap in Pacific and China's Crimea in East Sea

25 April 2014

An ancient Ryukyu painting depicts a traditional Ryukyu royal scene. The king and the palace ladies are in a typical China's Ming-style custom and hairdo. Ryukyu kingdom was founded in 1429 with the help of Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, the kingdom's tie to China was so close that was like being a member of a great Ming Imperial Federation.

US President Obama is now in Japan for an official visit. "A key part of his visit will be to shore up the huge US bases on the Japanese island of Okinawa (historically and natively known as Ryukyu). But there are increasing calls for the US military to leave the island. Dozens of military toxic dump sites are being discovered and locals are outraged," observed

Jon Mitchell from gives a more detailed account on how America created a Junk Heap in Pacific:

In June 2013, construction workers unearthed more than 20 rusty barrels from beneath a soccer pitch in Okinawa City. The land had once been part of Kadena Air Base – the Pentagon’s largest installation in the Pacific region – but was returned to civilian usage in 1987. Tests revealed that the barrels contained two ingredients of military defoliants used in the Vietnam War – the herbicide 2,4,5-T and 2,3,7,8-TCDD dioxin. Levels of the highly toxic TCDD in nearby water measured 280 times safe limits.

The history of U.S. pollution on Okinawa is almost as long as its ongoing military presence. Following the end of World War Two, Okinawa earned the nickname the “Junk Heap of the Pacific” due to the large volume of surplus supplies abandoned there. During this period, one of the first known instances of contamination occurred when eight residents of Iheya Village were killed by arsenic poisoning from a nearby U.S. compound in 1947.

Over the past seven decades, the island’s sea, land and air have been contaminated with toxins including arsenic, depleted uranium, nerve gas and carcinogenic hexavalent chromium. But, regardless of these risks, the Pentagon continues to do everything it can to evade responsibility for the damage its bases cause.

Now is the quesiton. How on earth the US military force is allowed to poison the native civilians without facing up the consequences? has the answer: Unlike other nations with U.S. bases such as Germany, "the Japanese government has no effective powers to conduct environmental checks, nor does the Pentagon have a duty to disclose to the public any contamination that it knows to exist."

Obvious it is not because Japan is a defeated fascist nation which it is. It is because Japanese government did not try and is not going to try to obtain such sovereign power. Why? Well, we guess when you have reviewed Japanese history on its repeated attempts to grab other people's land through genocidal operation, you shall have a fair bit of idea about their motivations behind.

Ryukyu was never part of Japan until 1879 when Japanese army invaded Ryukyu and turned the kingdom into a second class prefecture of Japan. What's more, Japan's right to rule the island ceased more than half a century ago according to Cairo and Potsdam Declarations.

This early Ryukyu painting portrays a royal court setting of the 19th century which is in a typical Chinese style of Ming Dynasty, by then, sadly however, the Ming had long gone and China was under Manchu occupation and Chinese were forced to convert to a pigtail hairdo and a bamboo stem-shaped gown.

Ryukyu King's official robe worn when the king attended the daily morning court meeting. The royal robe has a similar style, embroidered pattens and background colour to the Ming emperor's imperial robe.

When after the WWII the US demanded to set up military bases in Japan, Japanese government readily offered 20% of Ryukyu land and deliberately turned a blind eye on what Pentagon might do over there and generously relinquished its right to ask the US to clean up any pollution the military force might cause.

The Japanese governments, particularly the one that sighed the Japan-US Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and the one currently under the leadership of Shinzo Abe that is about to sigh a new agreement to further expand the US military bases in Ryukyu, may be only too happy to see Pentagon contaminate the land with deadly chemical agents and permanently harm the health of the native populations.

Japanese government did it in China through Unit 731 anyway when they tried to take over Chinese land for themselves. Those in the government may feel grateful for Pentagon actually doing them a great favour in Ryukyu.


A Ryukyu royal crown bestowed by Chinese emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Ryukyu coin in Ming Style. Before Japan invaded the kingdom and forced the residents to use Japanese language, the local people used Ryukyu dialect for oral communication and Classical Chinese as official written language.

Tail side of the coin

In 2013 a native Ryukyu resident with Ryukyu king's crown and robe payed his tribute to Heaven in an annual Heaven Prayer ceremony which is in a typical Chinese Ming Dynasty's fashion.

In the middle 17th century when Manchu invaded China, a group of Chinese who refused to live under foreign occupation escaped to Ryukyu and kept faithful to their culture, including the dress code and hairdo until the late 19th century when Japanese destroyed Ryukyu kingdom.

Ryukyu Independence Movement

According to the referendum in Ryukyu Prefect, 75% voters support Ryukyu to become an independent state.

The Ryukyu Independence declaration

Now Japan poised to alter the Peace Constitution and regain the rights to belligerency. With the "Secret Treaties" and the "Contract Agreement" between the Japanese and the US governments, we Okinawa people have become hostages to the US and human shields for Japan whenever a war should erupt. This demonstrates how "sincere" the Japanese government is when it claims that it is going to reduce Okinawa's involvement in Japan's war games.

What Chinese Say:

风云涌 ( 满清是殖民性质的,这段时期的历史是殖民史!问题的根本在于满清时代满人并没有认为自己为中国人,看看慈禧的言论就知道了!现在的满人是中国人是政治现实,但并不表示他的祖先就是中国人.[难道你移民美国后你的十八代祖宗都变成美国人了?] 最可恨的是,竟然在电视、历史研究等方面宣扬满族对汉族的屠杀是正确的,这种情况在哪个国家有过?就算美国印第安人已经相当少了,也不敢宣扬对印第安人的屠杀,中国绝大多数人是汉族竟然有人有组织的在各种场合宣扬对汉族屠杀的正确性,满人的野蛮和某组织的荒唐无耻可见!!!!

Lina_Invers ( 1931年溥仪建立的那个满洲国 [称日本人为满人的祖先]....当初把日本人赶出去干嘛,要是东北留着那500w日本人,中日哪来矛盾啊,哈哈.

ssdgmdg ( 为满清正名,就是在为倭国侵华正名.[就是在为美国解体中国作舆论准备 - Multipletext]

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