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Malaysia's new claim about the MH370 mystery

11 April 2014

A weibo message from a well-known Chinese weibo Identity Yi Guoming (尹国明):

Here they are, well well, they are all well.

Malaysian ruling party UMNO's mouthpiece Utusan Melayu Malaysia posted an article a few days ago, saying it has reasons to believe the disappearance of MH370 is orchestrated by CIA, aiming at provoke conflict between China and Malaysia. The newspaper stated it would publish evidences shortly.

With such a serious accusation made by a Malaysian leading news provider, the ruling party should know the weight it carries. But the claim has been so far ignored by the world mainstream media.



Note: An American woman who said to be the girlfriend of a passenger boarded the missing MH370 asserted in a TV interview with CNN that she believed all passengers are still alive. Wonder what makes her so confident after she returned to America briefly from China.


Japanese told Chinese MH370 landed on US military base

22 March 2014

Japan News Network told its Chinese readers in Chinese language through weibo on Monday that Japanese aviation specialists concluded that the U.S. military base in the Indian Ocean Diego Garcia is the most likely landing place for missing MH370. Since then Chinese Netizens keep going to U.S. embassy's weibo site demanding U.S. government to release the hostages.

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