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former secretary to ex premier Wen Jiabao committed suicide

27 March 2014

If his suicide is officially confirmed, then Li will be the second Wen's ex secretary to throw himself (or to be thrown) from a dazzlingly height to ground.

Li Wufeng (李伍峰), 57, former secretary to ex premier Wen Jiabao and a boss at Premier Li Keqiang's State Council Information Office that is responsible for China's online censorship, is reported to jump to his death in Beijing on Monday, 24 March, 2014.

There are allegations circulating around Chinese social media since last year, accusing Li of being the Washington agent. He received some training at Harvard Kennedy School of Government in 2007, and many observers claim since his return from the US, he became determined to shut down all websites that oppose Wen Jiabao's move to privatise state enterprises and commercialise Monsanto's GMO products in China.

The news of his demise was first broken out by the Financial News, a webside managed by a woman surnamed Hu (胡舒立) who has very close relationships with both Li Wufeng's assistant Peng and Wang Qishan (王岐山). Wang is China's most ruthless and powerful political prosecutor.

Li Wufeng, Li's colleague Peng (彭波), Peng's former staff Ms Hu, Ms Hu's special friend Wang Qishan, and Wang Qishan's bosom mate Ren Zhiqiang (任志强)(one of China's most corrupted property developers), along with Li Wufeng's former boss Wen Jiabao and current boss Li Keqiang, and Li Keqiang's teacher Li Yining, as well as deposed Chinese leader Hu Yaobang's sons (the family of his eldest son Hu Deping 胡德平 is in the middle of a 100 million yuan charity fund scandal) and daughter, and late leader Deng Xiaoping's son and daughters, are a group of people widely viewed in China as a treacherous mafia gang. But this is the gang who actually rules China.

At the moment, while many Netizens are celebrating over the news of Li's death on social media, others are questioning if this is an act of silencing a witness for covering someone's crime, since, again, he is not the only Wen Jiabao's secretary who died in such a dramatic fashion.

Below are some comments from Chinese

- Was Wen Jiabao trying to silence a witness?

- This guy should go to hell long ago.

- I would like to see him live to suffer.

- Time to cage the real tiger (Wen Jiabao), where is Putin?

More (

ARS掌门人: 那李伍峰坠楼身亡意味啥?是清算自由派,还是涉及贪污,还是派系打击

What does his death mean? Purge the neo-liberal? Fight against corruption? Or faction struggle?

一壶明月漾春华: 你说的这三样,难道不是一回事么?

Don't you realise the three are in fact one same thing?

ARS掌门人: 卖国贼基本是自由派,右派。

一壶明月漾春华: 反之也成立。[自由派,右派基本是卖国贼]

一壶明月漾春华: 感觉一脸的汉奸卖国贼相,这厮会是CIA潜伏我鳖的高级间谍吗?他的上线是谁?

A face looks like a typical hanjian [actually a typical Chinese official of Manchu Qing dynasty - Multipletext]

把一切献给党: 负责网宣的死满一遍都不冤枉,一出事就满天下扔抹布让老百姓自己往嘴里塞,居然还搞出敏感词这种除了往伪共脸上涂屎外毫无意义的傻逼政策,简直把这些工作交给敌人也不可能做得更好了.

No Chinese enemies can do a better job than what this guy has done.

斑竹已审核: 敏感词这种东东真是弱智无下限.

Only fool would invent a censorship technique called "sensitive words filtering".

暗影: 各公知的狗主人哇。。。

He's the boss of pro-US "public intellectuals".

正经人: 07年还跑到美国哈佛大学去受训。主管网络的核心人物要去美国受训,太可怕了。

The core staff member of Chinese Internet administration to be trained by the US, unbelievable.

正经人: 网络上越来越反动,正是他当局长的十年啊。

In the ten years he controlled China's Internet, Chinese online media became increasingly anti-China, anti-social and anti-human decency.

一壶明月漾春华: 271领导下的国务院,整个一叛国卖国、汉奸卖国贼大本营、伪政权最高司令部呀

The State Council under Wen Jiabao, just a headquarter of US agents.


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