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Guess Who Are Putin's Biggest Fans?

24 March 2014

While approval rating for US First Lady's husband hits all time low this month in a country that is militarily strong and bankers keep prospering, the popularity of his No.1 foe, Vladimir Putin, soars to new heights.

About 75.7 percent Russians surveyed, after he exhibited his courage to stand up to the West over Crimea, gave him a big thumb up, very much to West politicians envy, despite they paid a huge amount to media guys to praise each other as earthly embodiments of freedom and justice and portray Putin as a dictator and butcher.

Yet one fact that the world may still do not know, not even Russians. The country in which he enjoys the highest approval rating is not Russia, but China. Surveys found Chinese public's support for Putin consistently exceeds 90% over the years, and some researchers said that had Putin offered himself as a candidate for Chinese presidency, he could keep wining elections in the next thirty even fifty years, unless, as many observers pointed out, Bo Xilai returns to China's political scene.

When Chinese people generally feel happy for Russians to have such a wise, strong and incorruptible leader who serves his nation - instead of his own family - whole heartedly, they also feel sorry for themselves. While Premier Li Keqiang and his predecessor Wen Jiabao are widely viewed as ones committed high treasons, they regard President Xi Jinping either a man with two faces or a man without balls, as under his leadership, the State Council and other key departments are free to sell national interests to American bankers and multinationals.

(Source: - 中国人比俄民众更爱普京: 普京在中国的支持率常年稳定在90%以上)


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