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"keep your hands off me and stop foaming at the mouth."

22 Mar 2014

A powerful Samantha Power, the US representative to the UN, became very emotional and highly aggressive over the US' $5 billion loss in its failed Crimea bid, and abused her power by attempting to physically assault Russian rep to the UN to the point bordered on being sexual harassment at workplace.

“Russia was defeated (in 1991?) and should bear the consequences…" she yelled.

It's not too hard to imagine how her Irish ancestors might yell the same words at the native Indians.

But if she wants to be an authentic inheritor of this jungle culture heritage, can she at least be a little consistent with her principle and go tell the same story to her Japanese allies and demand them to give up the Diaoyu Islands and RyuKyu Islands which they lost in the WWII?


A cool Vitaly Churkin, the Russia's representative to the UN, chuckled coldly in contempt and disgust at an out-of-control Power: "Keep your hands off me and stop foaming at the mouth."

$5 Billion given away to the Ukrainian Opposition forces, including neo-Nazis


$5 Billion taken away from America's working poor Families


Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State - who was famously known as "F**k EU" Nuland - worked closely with Ukraine's opposition forces, including the Jew-bashing neo-Nazi groups.

The US-led coup in Kiev was aimed against the European attempt to reach a compromise with President Yanukovych. The EU and Ukraine almost agreed on all points, which alarmed Ms Nuland, and Nuland's Jewish husband Rober Kagan, and Kagan led Zionist Neocon PNAC (FPI). They wanted to derail the agreement, and so she did – with the help of a few snipers, and with the assistance of $5 billion of US taxpayers' money, at a time when the US government introduced a $5 billion cut from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program, a cut that has affected America's numerous working poor since last November. More at


A 5-year old American girl held a pile of burned Saturday morning pancakes with a damaged cheap plastic plate. She lives on the poverty line since her parents work for minimum wage but the family gets only $6 a month in food stamps. More at NYdailynews.


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