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US Secretary of the State John Kerry Condemns the US' foreign policy, indirectly

3 March 2014

When US Secretary of State John Kerry said “you just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests,” and threatened economic sanction on Russia over its "large scale humanitarian aid" to Ukraine, he becomes the subject of ridicule across Chinese social media. Below are some examples from

Any: 伊拉克的大规模杀伤武器发来贺电。

I'm sure he's referring to Iraq's fictional WMD [that is the phony pretext on which the US invaded Iraq].

老也通不过的ID: 这傻逼美国佬说自己呢吧?!

Can I take his statement as a formal condemnation of the US foreign policy?

随风飘羊: 傻大木,卡上校在棺材里嘴巴吧嗒两下,眼角滴下了一滴泪水。

Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi must be quite moved by Kerry's self-condemnation.

REIo: 撒泡尿照照自己先,要是毛子也有我鳖那么多骂人文化,那该打脸打得多带感啊。

He forgot to look at himself in a mirror before opening his big mouth.

Fattydragon: 说这话的人脸皮得多厚啊?14亿土鳖寻不出一个。难怪土鳖活得憋屈。

How unscrupulous a man needs to be in order to be able to lie to everyone's face like this?

少康: 这智商 ... 难怪当年败给了小布什啊。

Kerry's IQ level has a lot of room to improve … No wonder he lost the election to George Bush.

Woodriver: 克里这种傻比当国务卿, 米国不幸。

How doomed the US is to have a foul-mouthed fool like John Kerry as its State Secretary.

GOLDENACE: 怎么制裁?毛子经济又不靠着美鳖,它靠的是土鳖。

I just curious how the US will impose sanctions against Russia when Russia-US trade carries little weight on Russian economy.

Boxster: 大毛又不是土鳖,跟米帝经济没什么联系,米帝要能制裁还等到现在~切~~去他妈的

Russia is not China [since the Russian leaders are much smarter, more patriotic while less corrupted than their Chinese counterparts - Multipletxt]. Its economy does not rely on the trade with US to get by therefore is able to stand on its own foot. If sanction can help bringing down Russia, the US wouldn't wait until now to take action.

正经人: 先看看德国敢不敢制裁。德国还求着普京给天然气呢。

Let's see if a gas-poor Germany dares to join the sanction.

6z: 你美这是憋着害老欧洲呢。死道友不死贫道的节奏

This must be the US' conspiracy designed to break off EU economically.

龙神帝国万岁: 想想有1000万-2000万的乌克兰难民淹没西欧,顺带把MD也拉下水,老毛子这次绝对能化被动为主动,咸鱼翻身了。普京真是一步好棋啊!MD和欧洲可真要摊上大麻烦,还TMD重返亚洲,重返个鬼!

Once sanctions begin, you can wait to see 10 million to 20 million starving Ukrainian refugees swamping the West Europe, and probably the United States [at the moment there are estimated 675,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainians crossed the border into the Russian territory - Multipletext], which is a sure way to bring down the West. The US will find it shoots itself in the foot. By then it can still dream to "return to Asia", and Keep dreaming!


US Secretary of the State John Kerry claims the US is the morally weakest nation in the world.

John Kerry: "Invasion is not the act of someone who is strong. It is the act of someone who is weak."

Surely Kerry does not refer to US' military and even economic (at least money printing) strengthens, which is neither the facts nor something the US government dares to admit since the consequences it might bring to the US business and overseas military campaigns could be deadly, therefore he must talk about the US' moral strength.

By the way, we trust you all know the United States is the biggest invader of other countries in today's world.

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