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Hands that Directed the Ukraine Social Unrest

1 March 2014

Ukraine opposition leader, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, thanked the US government when she met US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns on 26 February, 2014.

Why she thanked the US from, apparently, the bottom of her heart and soul?

There are reasons of course.

Back in the end of January when the anti-government protest was still in a relatively peaceful stage, the US Secretary of State John Kerry met key Ukrainian opposition figures in Munich, Germany.

It was after this engagement the street campaign gained momentum and developed into a violent civil unrest, which led to the unlawful ouster of the lawfully elected President Yanukovych (whether he's equally or less or more corrupted than the opposition leaders including Tymoshenko is another story), the release of the convicted Tymoshenko and the appointment of her as a new Ukrainian leader by the US government.

"I am happy to see you as a free person and an active politician," said the US Deputy State Secretary. "Ukraine needs your courage and leadership now."

Tymoshnko is not the only anti-government figure who paid tribute to the US role in stirring up social and political instability in Kuraine for the purpose of "regime change". Here is another one through twitter:

But this twitter-wise leader is not entirely honest about the objective of the opposition's struggle. A Chinese weibo user observed the long running soap opera called "Democracy for Ukraine" and had this to say:

健康媒体王炎: When in 1991 Ukraine separated from Soviet Union, it was claimed that democracy finally took place in Ukraine. When in 1994, after much dramas in election, Leonid Kuchma replaced Leonid Kravchuk as the president, it was claimed that democracy finally took place in Ukraine. When in 2005, Viktor Yushchenko ended Kuchma's decade rule, it was claimed that democracy finally took place in Ukraine. When in 2010, Viktor Yanukovych was elected as president, it was claimed that democracy finally took place in Ukraine. Today, February 23, 2014, Ukraine has no more president, it was claimed that democracy finally, finally and finally took place in Ukraine. I'm really happy for Ukrainians, and wish Ukraine can celebrate for being finally liberated by democracy each year.

Other Chinese online commentators noted that if a repeatedly democratised Ukraine has achieved anything, that is the rapidly improved living standards of its political leaders, from both persuasions:

Her properties

His mansion

His luxury dwelling

Yet this is still not the worst. In the legendary land graced by the victory of the democracy frequently, some leading political figures enjoy the liberty to hold Nazi gesture.

US-backed Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok

But if you think this could be the worst, you are still an ignorant of Ukraine reality, as ignorant as George Soros, the ultra rich Jewish-American businessman whose generous fund has sustained an Ukraine breakdown economically, politically, socially and racially. It is widely reported that Jewish synagogues and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches are being attacked by neo-Nazi mobs associated with some US-backed Soros funded opposition forces.

White House Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland posing with Ukrainian opposition leaders, including Tyahnybok who made the Nazi gesture, before the anti-government protest turned violent and bloody.

Obama government has failed to learn one lesson from US' experiences in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq: There will be costs' for provoking civil unrest in other nations, including intervening Ukraine politically.

Below are more typical Chinese comments from and on Ukraine dramas:

九九强2009:Look at these elected Ukrainian leaders, greedy and corrupted. The more I watch how those newly democratised counties go, the less I feel confident with [Western-style] democracy.

云南的赏货:Those fat cat leaders are all the beneficiaries of the privatisation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

xjxjxjxjxj2012: Ukrainians have been fooled.

w66guo: What can the ordinary people do when all you got is a voting card.

玉树临风_wjh: Ukraine's Western style democracy only benefits politicians! The prices ordinary people paid are blood and lives.

李由游:Copy Western democracy can only result social and political turmoil.

诸葛文兄:After Thailand democratised [in the West's approved way], the Red Shirt Army occupied the streets. After Thailand's democratisation furthered, the Yellow Shirt Army occupired the streets! After Egypt democratised [as the result of the US-directed jasmine revolution], the elected president became a terrorist! After Taiwan province democratised [under the US overrule], opposition party would go against whatever decision made by government, regardless it's good or bad for the people, and politicians openly act like thugs on the parliament.

等闲乎:Democracy under US hegemony means nothing but destruction of the nation's statehood and people's livelihood.


Chinese need your courage and leadership, Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry met Chinese opposition figures in Beijing, China, shortly before the US Secretary of Treasure Jack Lew demanded Chinese government to allow social and political unrest to take place for the sake of the US designed "reform".

The facial expression and body posture adopted by the son of the Chosen People are most pathetic, as if he had just been informed by a divine spirit: "humanity needs your courage and leadership now, Kerry."

"Aha, aha," so Kerry said to his lost Chinese lambs, "don't be afraid, tell God Papa, how your parents mistreated you, I'll punish them accordingly."

Any kind of intervention that would violate the sovereign territorial integrity would be a Huge, a grave mistake, said Obama

US President Obama met Chinese separatist figure in Washington, USA, last week.

US regime's favourite game: incite separatist movement to break other nations apart. It is what the US did to the Soviet Union and it is what the US is doing to China.

"An independent Tibet, I like that," extolled Obama.

"But I don't like it. I want to build a great Tibet and make a quarter of Chinese territory under the lama rule."

"Pursue a religious freedom, I like that," praised Obama.

"But I don't like it. I want my subjects only obey the Lama Law, and all lamas only worship my approved deity."

"Everyone is equal before the law, I like that," admired Obama.

"But I don't like it. I want Tibet to return to a old serf system."

"Respect tradition, I like that," appreciated Obama.

"But I don't like it, I want you to apologise to the former Tibetan slaves and their descendants," this time it's the spirit of Obama's dad shouted in outrage at his son who shows no respect for human dignity.

And Obama may also receive a warning from China: Any kind of political intervention that would violate the sovereign territorial integrity of China would be a huge, a grave mistake. The territorial integrity of China needs to be respected.

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