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East Ukrainians reject the EU & the US

23 Mar 2014

So much to Yulia Tymoshenko's regret, a great number of Eastern Ukrainians ask to be de-libreted and want to live under Putin's dictatorship. Seemingly Tymoshenko's army will have to re-liberate Ukraine before contemplating to liberate Russia - the task is enormous for a soldier-less military force.

Thousands of residents in the east Ukraine, that was originally part of Russia, rallied Saturday for referendum on reuniting with Russia, a Chinese TV network reported from Ukraine cities Donetsk and Kharkov:

Chinese report: "Cities in east Ukraine rally for referendum on reuniting with Russia."

A scene from Saturday rally at Linen Square, the biggest central square in Donetsk

Residents hold signs demanding a referendum on joining Russia

An Ukraine parliament member who was in the rally said when interviewed by Chinese reporters: "I can say Donetsk has enough strength -

"- to merge with Russia.

"We wish to join Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union.

"We don't want to be part of the EU,

"And we don't want to become Americans' allies."

[Naturally, only fools like Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power, John Kerry and Mr Bla Bla Bla O'bla would expect East Ukrainians to side with the old foe against their own relatives in Russia - Multipletext]


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