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US Documentary:
Diaoyu Islands: The Truth

29 March 2014

The Diaoyu Islands Were taken by Japan in 1895 after waging an aggressive war against China. A few decades later, after a catastrophic Kyoto earthquake in 1923 that killed about 142,800 people, Japan attacked mainland China in 1931 with greater force and with a renewed sense of urgency.


Japanese Imperial Army executed millions of Chinese who refused to cooperate with Japanese rule.


Japanese military officers entertain themselves with child-killing game in China.


These are Japanese bio scientists and killer doctors who performed live autopsy and medical experience on Chinese civilians and captured anti-Fascist soldiers who were Chinese, Russians and other Europeans.


The Unit 731 is Japan's wartime human experimentation program

After the WWII, instead of returning the islands to China, the USA claimed "administrative rights". In 1971, America gave the islands to Japan, ignoring China's long-standing claim.

Japan's new military advance in the 21st century:

Japanese Warships attacked Chinese fishing trawler in China's maritime territory near Diaoyu Islands in 2010 and physically assaulted the captain and his staff members then abducted the crew to Japan for illegal trial

The revival of Japanese Fascism that is initiated by Japanese government and supported by Japanese public:


Japanese PM Shinzo Abe proudly drove his helicopter -


That has the number 731 clearly displayed on fuselage.

Now the question is .. Can international justice be served without resorting to violence?

Given US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, the wife of a leading Zionist Neo-con organisation and an ardent supporter of Ukraine's pro-Nazi interim regime, is advocating covertly yet zealously of Japan's claim for its war trophy that encouraged the revival of neo-Fascism in Japan, including its passion for human experiments and bio warfare.



China May Get Latest Surface-to-air Missile System from Russia

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