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Chinese Public demand the US & other western countries to Hand over East Turkestan terrorist organisation members

3 March 2014

The East Turkestan separatists did not even spare a baby in their killing spree taken place on Saturday night at Kunming train station, that left at least 29 dead and 130 injured. Most victims are peasant workers waiting for the train over night as they could not afford costs for a hotel room.

As the events happened on Saturday, March 1, 2014 (Beijing time):

At around 12pm, the J-20, China's first fifth-generation stealth fighter successfully conducted a test flight.
At around 18pm, Russian Parliament authorized sending troops to Ukraine to protect ethnic Russian community.
At around 21pm, terrorist attacks coordinated by US-Germany based East Turkestan occurred in Kunming train station. All terrorists dressed in an identical uniform.


America's Role in Kunming Terrorist Attack

The US Time online praises the courage of the East Turkestan terrorists and blames the train station attack on 92% of Chinese who are ethnic Han.

Here is Chinese translation of the Time's pro-terrorism article.

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