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"Check!" Putin says to seven naked emperors

21 March 2014

As Chinese online community hail the Crimea event as a catastrophic battle of Waterloo for the West, a chinese Netizen captured this historical moment through Photoshop

Putin: Check!

Seven naked emperors in a rundown temple: Somebody, please help!

She will liberate Russia

Princess Yulia: Watch what I say. Hi world, first and foremost, so far there has been no chess game in the rundown temple. It is 100 percent illegal to call it a chess game.

Second, the winner of any game will always be the US and its Western allies, because they are the ones to make the rules and they have the rights to change the ways the games play.

Third, I feel sorry for the leaders of Russia. They are being led into an abyss of deprivation of private corporation ownership, luxury mansions and overseas assets, which goes hand-in-hand with their recklessness when facing Western threats.

Fourth, I feel sorry for the people of Russia. Ukraine is fulfilling its mission, which includes the liberation of Russia from the dictatorship of Russian language. The Ukrainian army of freedom, democracy and human dignity will throw any Russian who speaks Russian into prison. And my army is already - hum - will all be ready on the march - once it has got some soldiers.

Mr Bla Bla Bla O'bla: You just bla bla bla bla, can you first 100 percent LIGALLY liberate yourself from the Ukraine prison? Now, anyone else can help?

She will educate Chinese

Queen Michelle: Watch what I do. Hi Russia's covert ally China, there are many ways to sort of cut the sausage if I like. And now I cut your sausage into pieces while educating your young people, especially young Tibetan chefs and waitresses, about the similarities between a slavery system that my grandparents endued and the serf system that young Tibetans' parents experienced under Dalai Lama's rule.

Mr Bla Bla Bla O'bla: You just bla bla bla bla, can you concentrate on cutting Chinese sausage without mentioning your family history?


As Japan's puppet government announced it would follow its US master's suit to sanction Russia over Crimea, Russian embassy to Japan posted above message on Twitter.

Russian embassy to Japan: I'm waiting for your sanction.

Japan: Here is my sanction - I'll prohibit Japanese government officials to visit the Kuril Islands, and, and I'll forbid Japanese Defence Force to have any exchange with Russian army, including fire exchange.

A palace shines with gold and silver

Russia's State Duma authorised Putin administration to sign treaty of accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol and challenged the US and EU to extend the sanctions to all Russian MPs rather than a few individuals holding less important positions in Russian government.


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