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A dry and hot season arrives in a horse-drawn carriage

2 february 2014

Welcome to Chinese New Year of Trojan Horse!

Chinese began to mark the year in the roll of the 7th of the 12 zodiacs, that represent the 12 major planets in the solar system, as year of Horse thousands of years ago. Horse the zodiac has a Fire property in Five Agent (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), which is quite different from another fire zodiac namely Snake. If the energy channeled by Snake is like a fire in a stove or on a candle, the force conveyed by Horse is wild, massive and explosive, like a bush fire and a lightening strike.

Many Chinese cities including Shanghai were shrouded in a murky and toxic fog on the Chinese New Year's Day. Fuyang in Anhui Province, where China's professional beggar culture was originated and a mafia-like beggar organization Beggar Gang (丐帮) was founded, was the worst affected place, thanks to its most prominent townsman Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Newly-wed Chinese man Yao Shaoshuang (姚少双) was invited to visit his in-law's home over the Chinese New Year holiday, but he couldn't get a train ticket while the fare of flight is out of his budget scope, so he decided to take the journey on horse back. Fortunately he is a professional jockey.

As Chinese state railway is to be further privatised and foreign investment oriented this year under Li Keqiang administration, it is expected train tickets will be increasingly difficult for ordinary Chinese to obtain, maybe next year some guys who failed to secure a train ticket should organize a marathon running festival to home. (Source of news/photo: Xinhua News Agency)


Chinese character for horse


When you called a deer horse in 2013 during the Bo Xilai Trial, you've got a Horse Year represented by a deer in 2014 ... Dear deer, you'll have a very steep path ahead of you ...

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