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Obama Holds the World for ransom

8 September 2013

Like Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, US President Obama is good at nothing practical but lip service. When failing to deliver something substantial, they would muck around with words and figures. Li Keqiang tries to cover up China's economic downturn by replacing conventional GDP with his botched Keqiang Index (very much like what he did in response to AIDS villages), while Obama has created an impression of economic recovery in the US by redefining the GDP (very much like what he did in reference to the Korean War). (Judging by the performance of these two con artists, the humanity really should ban law school graduates from entering politics.)

However, despite their desperate attempts, we heard a whisper that the US debt level has broken the legal limit of 3%, which future indicates a hard-to-avoid financial catastrophe in the October. For which Obama has gone nuts and decided to make it or break it through the Middle East to persuade the Wall Street-based international capitalists not to desert the US to rebuild their empire else where.

In the east, we heard an invitation from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the international capitalists, begging them to enter China's strategic economic fields and take the control of China's economy. Li Keqiang has gone nuts and decided to make it or break it through the Middle Kinglessdom to persuade the global bankers not to desert him and find a new leading agent in China else where.

It's all about the profit (李强盗所谓的红利), and the profit of the international capitalists.

So when you hear Obama claiming "We cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we've seen out of Syria," don't be mistaken in thinking he has a bleeding heart, because if he has, he would avenge the victims by going after the real perpetrators.

Russia has handed UN a 100-page long report documenting that Obama-backed rebels are the ones behind the chemical attack. Mint Press News also reports how the rebels in Ghouta admitted they used chemical weapons supplied by Saudi. Further, Dennis J. Kucinich. former 16-year member of US Congress and two-time US presidential candidate, discovered many holes in Obama's top 10 claims for war against Syria.

Is Obama totally blind so he can't read newspaper or view Syria rebels' admission on Youtube, thus he remains ignorant of the reality on the ground? But according to information obtained by Associated Press, high-level U.S. Intelligence Officers also doubt Syrian Government had anything to do with the chemical attack.

Is Obama provided with false information by his intel officials? But according to the Memorandum For The President by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Obama has already been warned on Syrian intelligence quite some time ago. After all, during his presidency, NSA's spying capacities advanced so rapidly and his intel is able to read Brazil president's secret files and crack web encryption, therefore if Obama could still manage to misunderstand the situation, there are two possibilities only: either he is an idiot (then he should not sit in the high office) or he is a liar (then he should stand before court).

A Pipeline?

Syrian government signed a deal with Iran and Iraq in 2010 to build a 3,480-mile natural gas pipeline connecting Iran oil to its European customers. The pipeline is planed to complete in 2016 and expected to benefit Iran, Russia and China while challenge the monopoly control over resource supply by the US and its allies' in the region.


A Donation?

Obama was the candidate of the war lobby funded by a family with Jewish background, and he ordered a massive navy deployment against Syria before the supposed chemical attack on August 21, reported


the Brotherhood

The Egyptian government regards the Brotherhood as a serious threat to Egypt's national security. Since Obama regime backed the current Egyptian leadership to over throw the elected Brotherhood administration in a military coup, Obama must also regard the Brotherhood as a serious threat to America's security and interest.

But do you know who is a major financier of the Brotherhood? Alas, it's no other but Obama's brother, and the Egyptian government has placed him on its terrorist list.

The brotherhood in Obama family

Is Obama's war on terror, battle for Jasmine and crusade for democracy in the Middle East all just about a family fuel between brothers or mere a theatrical double act by brothers?

According to a Washington Post survey, among 433 US House members, only 25 backs Obama's military action against Syria, which merely counts for 5%. It's no wonder - who wants to waste money, time and possibly life to get involved in an internal fighting between or a sinister double acting by brotherhood.

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