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More Crimes Committed by China's CCP Discipline Committee & Procuratorate

5 September 2013

China's lawless legal watchdog

From the trial of Bo Xilai, China's No.1 political prisoner, the world learned that the CCP's Central Discipline Committee under the leadership of He Guoqiang and Ma Wen degenerated into a fascist organization with no respect to laws and rules and human lives. In just five months after he was unlawfully arrested by the committee, he lost his consciousness for 27 times as the result of the brutal psychologically torture that he endured at the hand of the committee officials for 100 times. The committee blackmailed him with the lives of his wife and his son in an attempt to force him to admit the offences that he did not commit .

If anyone doubts the accuracy of his account, please read the following true story reported by Jinghua Daily (京华时报记者李显峰):

Earlier this year a government official in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, was arrested by the local CCP discipline committee (which strictly speaking is unlawful in the first place - as a political party it has no legal right to take away its members' freedom). During the interrogation, 5 committee members and a persecutor from Procuratorate forced the man to admit the crimes he was accused of. As the man insisted his innocence, the 6 interrogators tortured the man by repeatedly submerging his face in a ice water tub which eventually caused the victim to die of drowning. The murder case was brought before a court in another city in Zhejiang on August 30, yet the lawyer for the victim's family has so far been refused to access the files related to the interrogation and torture.

Such is the mournful reality of China's legal system today.


More Scandals Involved China's Legal Professionals

The Dean of Law School of China's Zhejiang Gongshang University is exposed to buy a phony title of Life-long Academician with Chinese Academy of Management.

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