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US Military Voted
Down White House's
Bid on War

2 September 2013

More photos of military anti-war demonstration at

As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Obama can't wait to start a new war, and when there isn't enough excuse for him to invade another sovereign state, even just aerially, his agents would work with Al-Qaeda to prepare a chemical attack then blame on Syrian government for the crime (very must like what happed in China - former premier Wen Jiabao, China's most corrupted man, arranged his woman Ma Wen to place a large quantity of cashes in Bo Xilai's home then charged Bo for corruption).

Yet as military servicemen, scores of US officers hold photographic anti-war demonstrations, urging the Congress to vote down the White House's war plan.

Will the destructive act of the White House that is so keen to prevent other country from ending a bloody civil war provoke a civil war at home?


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