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Black Americans File Impeachment Against US President Obama

4 September 2013

So, eventually the world has realised that the true spiritual heirs of the German Nazis are now ruling the city of Jerusalem while pretending to be victims, and are now overruling the city of Washington while claiming to go to war for the interest of American people. That is why military action against Syria is so unpopular in America and around the world, even more so than the disastrous Vietnam War and even before it formally starts.

So, eventually the black Americans have realised that Barack Obama is a more oppressive dictator than many White presidents despite they once believed he would help the suppressed to advance liberation, and is a more crazy warmonger than his predecessors despite he has been rewarded a peace prize. That is why the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) filed an impeachment against Obama and runs an ad on Washington Times to explain why Obama should be impeached.

“We, black American citizens,” the Articles of Impeachment to the Judiciary Committee in the US House of Representatives states, “in order to free ourselves and our fellow citizens from governmental tyranny, do herewith submit these Articles of Impeachment to Congress for the removal of President Barack H. Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro from office for his attack on liberty and commission of egregious acts of despotism that constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Here are some typical comments about the impeachment posted on Yahoo!:


Jewish Hands behind the Syrian War

"If the White House is not capable of enforcing this red line against the catastrophic use of chemical weapons, we’re in trouble." - The New York Times quoted what was said by Obama administration in reference to the influential pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC, that has already been at work pressing for military action against Assad.

Here is a Conclusive Case of Recent Government Chemical Attack on Rebels:

Human Rights Watch: Israel Used Chemical Weapons against Palestinian People In Gaza

Where is US President Obama's righteous indignation over war crimes and his sincere concern for human lives?

Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Tuesday: Israeli's repeated firing of white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of Gaza during its recent military campaign was indiscriminate and is evidence of war crimes.

The 71-page report, "Rain of Fire: Israel's Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza," provides witness accounts of the devastating effects that white phosphorus munitions had on civilians and civilian property in Gaza. Human Rights Watch researchers in Gaza immediately after hostilities ended found spent shells, canister liners, and dozens of burnt felt wedges containing white phosphorus on city streets, apartment roofs, residential courtyards, and at a United Nations school. The report also presents ballistics evidence, photographs, and satellite imagery, as well as documents from the Israeli military and government.

"If the White House is not capable of enforcing this red line against the catastrophic use of chemical weapons, the world will be in trouble." So President Obama, do something to enforce the red line against Israeli's use of chemical weapons.

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