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Xi Jinping Regime Is Digging Its Own Grave

29 September 2013

History Is Still Making:
Everyone Posted His Comment Online Is a Co-creator of the History

Comments from (a Singapore-based Chinese language newspaper. The access to its website from the Mainland China has been blocked by the Chinese authority for the mortal sin of allowing the comments like blow to be posted online):

无奈:The biggest inventions of the 21st century: Online social media is used to silence public opinion; live broadcast means to view a website on a TV screen; property ownership is defined by whether you saw the photo of the property; and a guilty verdict is based on a criminal's verbal allegation.

生命树:After this, Xi Jinping will have little chance to manage the state affairs easily since he has lost all his credibility.

无奈:This guy, phew, I'd rather trust my own ass.

水落石出:The trial of Bo Xilai is the insult on people.

老六:If the government did right thing and got people's support with regard to Bo Xilai trail, they wouldn't need to sensor online comments on such a massive scale.

人民爱书记:When they talked about "following one order", "maintain strict discipline", we know Bo Xilai trial is nothing else but a political persecution.

从西再来:After the trial, my faith in Bo Xilai grows stronger, because I know without doubt he is a capable and incorruptible official who sincerely served Chinese people.

走过山水6:Bo Xilai was furious when heard the sentence! He committed no crime, but they not only announced he is guilty but handed down a life sentence. There is no justice in China's legal system!

生命树:My friends, what do you think the relationship between the central government and the general public?

yu: It's like between water and fire!

乱弹:I always believe the justice will eventually prevail and the cunning officials cannot escape punishment even after death. People will trash their ashes.

正直:With so many people standing by Mr Bo, he shall feel pleased. He who gains people's heart is the true leader of the nation.

人民爱书记:Last night I had a drink with 11 friends. Except one who said he was not following politics, all ten were angry over the Jinan trial. Among them two used to hold negative views of Bo, but after the trial they admit they never expected to see a Chinese official so honest and upright like Bo Xilai, and they regard the accusations against him are just laughable!

无语:The moment Prometheus was tied on the cliff, he was transformed into a god of light; the moment Qu Yuan took a plunge into the Xiang River, he became the spirit of patriotism; the moment Yue Fei was sentenced to death, a great national hero was born [and the moment Bo Xilai received life imprisonment, Chinese people find their true leader - Multipletext]

水落石出:Bo Xilai is not guilty. 1.3 billion Chinese are his best defence lawyers.

春草:Chinese people look forward to having Bo Xilai to lead the nation.

水落石出: We demand Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and Wang Qishan to resign.

删帖也要说:They would resign? You think these people still have conscience left in them as you do?

走过山水6:Why Chinese government prohibited the public from commenting on this so-called trial of the century?

老六:Because they know they are guilty of abusing legal system and will be condemned.

春草: I went to rural areas and met some old people in villages. When they learned Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison, they all dropped tears and kept saying Mr Bo is a good man.


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