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Video: September 22 before Jinan Court
Brutal Police Crackdown of Bo Xilai Supporters with Number of Arrest Made for Singing Internationale

29 September 2013

The video was recorded on the day when Bo Xilai was sentenced. Despite Jinan police blocked the roads surrounded the court premises, Bo Xilai supporters still managed to make their presence felt. The protesters against the unlawful trial and sentencing of Bo Xilai shouted slogans "Bo Xilai is not guilty", "bring real corrupted officials to justice", "long live Chairman Mao" and sang the Internationale. Shandong police brutally bashed the men and women in the congregation and arrested those who led the shouting and singing.

The violent scenes exhibited in the video were vividly reminiscent of what were shown in the classic Chinese films depicting how the pro-Communist mass clashed with police when a Communist hero was arrested and tried by the corrupted and treacherous Nationalist Government.

Yep. History is repeating itself: Jinan Court today is as fraudulent as Nationalist court 64 years ago, Judge Wang Xuguang is as corrupted as his Nationalist counterparts 64 years ago and CCP police are as ruthless as Nationalist police 64 years ago, while the Communist hero on trial is as dignified as the Communist hero 64 years ago. The only difference is the ruling party has now changed its name from the Nationalist Party to the Communist Party.


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