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History Is Still Making:
Comments about the Bo Xilai sentencing that typifies President Xi Jinping's hypocrisy

28 September 2013

Comments from about the Bo Xilai sentencing that typifies President Xi Jinping's hypocrisy in his call for the Mass Line:

NC片专卖店老板:I'm in despair.

努力说真话:Why the Jinan Court bothered to announce the sentence again? I thought the state media has already delivered the verdict against Bo Xilai.

kfrb: A hero who has not spent some time in jail is not a perfect hero.

季候风x2013: History will remember today [September 22, 2013].

elarke033: When in the official news a commentator said the evidence regarding the flight ticket briber is not convincing, the broadcast was cut off by the TV station.... How laughable. Like this, China is hopeless. But we people in Chongqing will forever remember Bo Xilai!

xxx: It hurts to see Bo Xilai looked physically and spiritually exhausted today in court.

UC浏览器:I've woke up and will no longer day dreaming [Xi Jinping's only political aspiration stated by himself since he ascended to the top position is so-called "China Dream" which has lately become the subject of public ridicule in China - Multipletext].

我心已旧:I will never trust them again ....

锬sama: Stop weeping, mate! Weeping won't help! To the verdict like this, I only have one work [fuck ....]

风约云:Those who have ability to migrate overseas, hurry up. China has no hope!

聆听风的声音0012:Yes, to leave China will be my goal.

汉间冷又饿1: It would be interesting to see how the Chinese government is going to confiscate the French property [a property in France that was purchased by someone else and owned by someone else's girlfriend but is used by Chinese authority as evidence of bribery to sentence Bo Xilai to life imprisonment based on an edited video footage in which a woman, allegedly to be Bo's wife, claimed she was promised to own the property sometime in future - Multipletext]

杯中酒中杯:Bo Xilai will shine through history.

共和国兔子:The countdown begins...

狙门下我最小:From the moment when the verdict was pronounced, I lost my ability to tell right from wrong, good from evil and patriotism from treachery.

剑水:I'm so upset!

娟猪猪徘徊中:Me too, the tears keep streaming down my face ... I'm not even a resident from Chongqing or Dalian ...

正常思考168:No more dreams, as my heart has broken.

共和国兔子:I'll forever remember this moment.

葵花点穴手1200:Support the sentence, support the government, support the law.

lifesearcher2009: Are you public servant? Is this [voicing support for government] part of your job assigned by your boss?

2013168abcd: He received fifty cents for each post.

山川浪子:[Xi Jinping's] dream is a blind folder. [China's] law is a rubber band

yss11156: When you said the sentence is not just, your post was deleted in no time.

山阳费墨:So? A high school student in Gansu Province was even detained for going online and questioning a decision made by the local government.

编编编编编编:From now on I won't watch TV news or any official news online.

weiyi0806: For being able to leave a mark online on this special day, this is all I can wrote ....

kk_kkk_kk: Category 3 Typhoon is landing today and Celestial Rabbit invaded China. [Hours after Bo Xilai was sentenced by a Nazi-style Jinan Court, the first tropical cyclone in year 2013 has battered coastal Guangdong and caused a dozen casualties. The typhoon was officially named 天兔, meaning Celestial Rabbit. Some Chinese believe it is a sign of heaven's explosion of fury over a law-abusive China, because when you place the character sky above the character rabbit you get character "冤“ for "injustice" - Multipletext]

莲花5689: Anybody out there got their ID banned today? Mine was just banded and I had to create a new one.

chinesebk: Phew, so many people support Bo Xilai, it terrifies me.


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