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Is the Fall of Bo Xilai the Result of US Directed Jasmine Revolution in China?

25 September 2013

On the night of September 22, the day when a life sentence against Bo Xilai was announced, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Obama's China affair consultant Henry Kissinger and the two talked for three hours behind close doors. Was this Wang's debriefing to Kissinger?

During the Tiananmen incident in 1989, CIA agents were also found to meet with the "student leaders" before each important decision and after every major action.

In February 2011, the then US ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, emerged in Wangfujing Avenue, Beijing's commercial centre, in an attempt to personally monitor a Jasmine show. Later in his presidential candidate debate, he claimed that he was ready to take down China with the help of his Chinese allies both inside and outside of the system.

One of his allies within China's legal system is Professor He who urged recently during his overseas visit that the anti-Chinese Constitution forces both outside and inside China should work together to reform China according to Washington's blueprint.

And yesterday, Roman Emperor-Wanna-be Barack Obama decreed in the UN assembly that “the danger for the world is not an America that is too eager to immerse itself in the affairs of other countries,” but to create "a vacuum of leadership that no other nation is ready to fill.” And he reiterated, "I believe America is exceptional." Clearly he's already seen himself as the head of the united global government and is ready to embark on his mission of immersing himself in all other counties' internal affairs.

It might be that he never really got over the humiliating experience he underwent in his school years as the result of the racial discrimination and now he wants to prove to himself and the world he is actually so powerful that he has a god-like exceptional right to commend the entire humanity to knee before him.

Under such climate, we doubt Bo Xilai will have a chance to receive justice and regain freedom before the US regime is forced to give up its "exceptional" stance and before its allies that control China's political system fall from grace.


laozhang (

古案,王案,薄案,能使出三联环计的天王级高手, 必是毛周的老对手.

倒薄是他打的发令枪, 结案也向他作汇报。


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