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Chinese President Xi Jinping's Mass Line

24 September 2013

Like the United States, China is now ruled by law graduates who are typically not interested in defending the law for achieving justice but using the law to settle the scores, and who have no respect for logic & facts but are obsessed with art of sophistry.

The world just observed how US President Barack Obama, a former lawyer, willfully undermined the US Constitution and broke the international law in his dealings with the #Occupiers as well as Syria, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and many other countries, now we witnessed how Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, a Law PhD graduate, claimed taking away the land from Chinese peasants to sell to the multinational agricultural corporation and suspending Chinese laws in a Chinese land to satisfy the need of the global capitalists was his way to serve the Chinese people; and now we also witnessed how Chinese President Xi Jinping, a Law PhD graduate, urged Chinese people to learn from a late official who was reported to have practiced mass line (群众路线) by listening to what people said and doing what people wanted only day after his government delivered a life sentence over a trump-up case against nation's interest and people's will.

But since he is so keen (with the idea of mass line at least), we are happy to show Xi Jinping what the mass in China said and want:

烟雨沙鸥: Is the life sentence against Bo Xilai Xi Jinping's practice on mass line? If so, that tells a lot about his true attitude towards mass.

[在疯狂地删帖封网压制支持薄熙来的压倒性民意的同时,习近平仍能腆着脸树立群众路线标兵,让自己成为他的标兵的反面参照物,不知他是存心戏弄群众还是有意嘲弄自己。此人的智商及人格果然奇葩!至今仍为他洗地的焦大们也是一样的双重奇葩 - Multipletext]

润林清: A ruler who speaks like a sage but acts like a tyrant in order to fool people and collect profits will be brought down sooner or later.

今夜北方雨夹雪: September 22 is former premier's [Wen Jiabao] 71 birthday.

**人儿13: That 86-year old woman [Wen Jiabao's mother, actually she is over 90 - Multipletext] who collected 2 billion USD by illegally lending her ID to someone else, should her son receive a death penalty for abusing his position? [by helping her 90-year old dementia-sufferer mother to earn 200 million USD through unlawful means - Multipletext]

**猪八戒: Wish he happy with his last birthday.

scx0303: Empty talk is bad for the country.

tcen: Disclose this guy's personal assets first then we'll decide if he is worthy to be our paradigm.

schuawenguozei: While you [Xi Jinping] talk about the mass line, you are working against the will of the mass, don't you think it's very hypocritical? When you have committed the grave injustice against Bo Xilai, nothing can make us believe you again.

沉石: You [Xi Jinping] try to act like Chairman Mao, but you are never quite there. Do you know why?

静心lhx: Because the official who indeed practiced the mass line [Bo Xilai] has been locked up by you.

梅竹松: Before you ask others to learn some good thing, check if you yourself have learned well. Otherwise, nobody wants to waste time with you.

**优地: Ok, we learn from this guy how to fall from the cliff [the mass line official died of traffic accident by falling off a mountain road when he went to check traffic safety measures - Multipletext], and you learn how to hang from a tree on the Coal Hill [where the last Ming Emperor hanged himself after the kingdom was throwndown by the angry peasant insurgents due to widespread official corruption that was almost but not quite as bad as today in China. - Multipletext]

老树无皮: I'll happy to learn from this guy if you [Xi Jinping] give me 660 yuans a day as my study allowance. I'll take a year to learn and if I spend the money carefully, in the end I may be able to have a decent saving my bank account. [Chinese government recently increased study allowance from 600 to 660 yuans a day for government officials who study full time on the top of their normal wages, while in some extreme cases the old people in rural area only receive 3 yuans a month as their old-age pension - Multiple]

乖乖鸡98593: If that dead man was indeed a good official, it's fortunate for him to die early, otherwise he might find himself stand for trial at Jinan Court a few years down the track. [It's not an exaggeration. In today's China, generally speaking, only those corrupted (like Wen Jiabao), treacherous (like Li Keqiang) or at least incapable/inactive (like Xi Jinping/Hu Jintao) officials can survive and are allowed to thrive by their super boss in Washington - Multipletext]

renzy: He [Xi Jinping] has disappointed me completely, and his mass line is just a political stunt but nothing more.

一滴水一缕风83: He's talked too much but done nothing, utterly nothing. You can't blame people calling his name.

俺是[纹格]余孽: If he's sincere about the mass line, he should learn from Bo Xilai how to be a good official first before worrying about that dead guy.

寒山居士865: Bo Xilai is the one who truly practiced the mass line and will be forever cherished by Chinese people! He's the man we should all learn from.

年筎玥: Bo Xilai stood accused but people still stand stand by him, [have you learned some lessons from Bo Xilai phenomenon and find out the reason why you are so unpopular President Xi Jinping? - Multipletext]

剑气冲霄: China's interest groups teamed up against the national hero [Bo Xilai], nothing is more evil than that.

马甲大: Dare the authority to conduct a survey about people's view on Bo Xilai and the verdict?

梅郎: You ask too much. They don't even have the nerve to let public speak their mind, you wanna them to do a survey? You want to see them to be drowned in people's mouth water?

中国美: Hero [Bo Xilai], you are not alone, millions of people are with you.

李北方: Choosing September 22 to deliver a harsh sentence against Bo Xilai is some people's birthday present for [former premier] Wen Jiabao. But these idiots are fools, knowing very little about history. September 22 is also a day when General Yuan Chonghuan, who successfully defended China from Manchu's invasion force, was called back to Beijing and killed by the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty .... 13 years after the wrong verdict was delivered, the Ming collapsed and emperor hang himself [after he killed his wife and daughter]. September 22 is a day when nation's heroes were/are in suffer.

[希望习近平好好反思一下为什么大明末代皇帝不得不杀了他的能歌善舞的皇后并砍伤其琴棋书画皆通的公主然后上吊自尽。如果嫌3-400年前的事太遥远,齐奥塞斯库夫妇横死街头的殷鉴尚不满3-40年,足以陕西皇帝山东皇后把玩回味 - Multipletext]

perigee: Is there anybody out there who would still believe what are said by the People's Daily [China's government mouth piece who has played a leading role in media trial of Bo Xilai]?

一顿乱评: This government is digging its own grave.

资改黑帮: When the authority says you are guilty of corruption, you must be corrupted even though you did not steal one cent from anyone [and if you refuse to admit you are guilty of the crime you did not commit, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment for challenging the authority, like what Bo Xilai has experienced - Multipletext]; when the authority says you are not guilty of corruption, you are not corrupted even though you have stolen 2.7 billion from public purse [and China's Foreign Ministry will defend you by denouncing the whistleblowers as the enemies of the Chinese nation, like what happened with Wen Jiabao's corruption allegations - F**k, China is now clearly ruled by a group of mafias - Multipletext].

巴依大老爷_xy: They just want to criminalize him in whatever excuse.

末日_我们在一起_张瑜: I found most comments are speaking on Bo Xilai's behalf.

*: After reading the comments, I know I'm not alone [as a Bo Xilai supporter] ...


Bo Xilai in court on September 22 held by two brutal & fake police officers unlawfully played by two basketball players. (薄熙来和凶残的伪警察 - 一对伪装警察的山东篮球运动员。济南中院执法犯法)

With the life sentencing verdict, Bo Xilai has completed the transformation from an abstract symbol to a true people's leader. And the only national leader that the majority of Chinese people recognize. Under his banner, we shall rally.

While President Xi Jinping should step down. (参与陷害忠良、与买办国贼狼狈为奸、签署大量进口转基因黄豆的外国公民的同胞兄弟不配当14亿中国人的领袖)

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