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Chinese Hold Their Collective Breath Waiting to Witness History to be made at 10am on 22 September 2013

22 September 2013

Since yesterday afternoon, the eve of the day when the verdict over Bo Xilai case is to be pronounced, the roads leading to the Jinan court have already been blocked by police, reported from the scene by a well-known and well-respected weibo ID 双鹰河.

Many weibo users found this measure very distasteful.

"Why they are so nerves?" one asked. "If they act according to the law and stand by justice, what they need to fear about?" one questioned.

The power brokers in the authority not only feel so terrified in real life, but in virtual space as well. This morning, the state media once again commits a serious offence of legal interference by launching a new round smear campaign against Bo Xilai, making a last minute effort to sway the verdict.

"Today will be the day to determine life or death of China's legal system," a weibo ID 雪上加霜 believes.

Bo Xilai's supporters are confident that Bo's statue as a national hero has already been established through his lifetime hard work, and especially through the Jinan trial, while those who framed him will meet terrible end.


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