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Tips on How to Hijack Public Opinion

22 September 2013

If you are a power broker and like to be see as a fair player while public opinion is not on your side, what should you do to make your public image looks better than it actually does?

Chinese State Council Information Office will teach you one or two tricks. First is to get your men to control a social media, say, then use this media as your report platform. Don't worry you would be overwhelmed by the negative comments from your readers, because you have your men doing the dirt work for you behind the scene.

You doubt it will work? Trust us it does. Here is an example:

This is a weibo on so-called "life broadcast on judge's verdict delivery". In just 4 minutes, the weibo has been reweiboed 2,514 times, but received only 24 comments, and most are positive.

The trick is simple: just delete all negative responses before publishing.


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