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Case Review: The Trial of Bo Xilai's Wife a Year ago

21 August 2013

This zombie look guy is Anhui judge Hu Quanming (胡权明) sitting for trial of Bo Xilai's wife Gu Kailai and body guard Zhang Xiaojun last August. The jerk knowingly participated in a saga that brought two imposters to the hearing and delivered verdicts against Gu and Zhang in absence of both defendants and evidence over a trump up murder case that is full of holes.

Despite Anhui is known for being a breeding ground of treacherous officials who signed dozens of unfair treaties with foreign powers (like Premier Li Hongzhang of Manchu dynasty and Premier Li Keqiang of Xi Jinping Administration), corrupted bureaucrats (like Wang Yang) and unscrupulous individuals (like 18 selfish lazy bones at Xiaogang Village), and despite it is understood that the legal set up is a necessary step towards criminalisation against Bo Xilai, the open mockery of justice in the front of the world still shocked many.

Bo Xilai's supporters vow they will never forget and forgive Judge Hu. "We must not only remember this guy, but we must let our next generations know what this guy did," one weibo user wrote. "We must not only remember this guy, but we must also remember his wife and offspring," another added, presumably for what he did to Bo Xilai's wife and son.

If you wonder how a legal professional could be so bold as to openly committed the crime of perjury, it is because for a man completely devoid of conscience, he would just do whatever he is told to do by those in powerful position.

At the time of trial, the most powerful man in China was Premier Wen Jiabao. And his son Wen Yunsong (温云松) along with his body guard were found in the courtroom monitoring the trial drama:





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