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Over 80 Percent Chinese Surveyed Demand Bo Xilai to be Freed Immediately

20 September 2013

Some Bo Xilai's supporters held a public display demonstrating their unyielding determination to back Bo Xilai. The cyber user who posted this photo wrote: If the government fails to treat Bo Xilai fairly, people will threat the government harshly.

An Online Survey on Bo Xilai trial recently conducted by shows over 80 percent of respondents believe Bo Xilai is innocent and should be released immediately, with more than 60 percent regarding the trial being unlawful.

As China's major social media, is closely monitored and even covertly managed by the State Council and has contributed greatly to the smear campaign against Bo Xilai.

The online survey only survived very briefly. When the administration realised the result was not what they wanted to see no matter how hard they manipulated the data (which is's usual practice), it removed the survey page swiftly.

The survey result which was quickly removed


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