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Yep, I confirm there was an attack!

18 September 2013

Yep, I confirm there was a fire attack! Who set fire? I won't tell you. But you've got to hold arsonist accountable!

- I'm the Secretary-General Ban Kill-Moon, my inspection team confirmed a mass killing at US Navy Yard did occur. I strongly condemn the use of firearm to kill military personnel and believes this act is a crime. The international community has a moral responsibility to hold accountable those responsible and for ensuring that firearms can never re-emerge in Navy Yard as an instrument of mass murder.

- We've already known the killing has happened. What we want to know is who are behind the killing.

- Oh, you want to know who should be held accountable? Tell ya, I have my own thoughts on this, but it is for others to pursue this matter further to determine responsibility.

- Don't you want to share your thoughts with the international community?

- That's my private thoughts and I don't want my privacy to be violated.

- So you don't want to help the international community to exercise moral responsibility by holding accountable those responsible?

- I'm Russian ambassador and I know who are responsible: The technical details make clear that only the US regime could have carried out this mass firearm attack in the Navy Yard.


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