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Chain of Evidence

11 September 2013


- Are the woman and man in the photo a couple?

- No they are a Chinese law professor and his student.

- Then the professor must be dismissed and charged for abusing his position by taking sexual bribes and having sexual relationships with multiple women at the same time.

- Why do you say so?

- Because his wife said that.

- Did his wife say that to you?

- No, but she told her colleague.

- And his wife's colleague told you?

- No, but the colleague told her neighbour.

- And his wife's colleague's neighbour told you?

- No, but the neighbour told her granddaughter.

- And his wife's colleague's neighbour's granddaughter told you?

- No, but the granddaughter told her classmate.

- And his wife's colleague's neighbour's granddaughter's classmate told you?

- No, but the classmate video recorded what the granddaughter said.

- So that is how you learned about the alleged affair?

- Yes, and I'm going to bring that law professor to court to meet the full force of the law.

- I'm afraid you won't succeed, because you don't have evidence.

- Of course I do, I have a chain of evidence. I can prove that ugly fat ass is guilty of taking bribe and abusing position by presenting the evidence of the video - of the words of the classmate - of the words of the granddaughter - of the words of the neighbour - of the words of the colleague - and of the words of the wife. Plus that photo image too - the man must be present in the scene when the photo was taken so he was fully aware that his student had an intention to sexually bribe him for getting her PhD. Besides, it is known that the corruption is widely spread across China's legal field, and law professionals are considered as corrupted as China's economists and property developers - why do you believe that law professor can be innocent?

Don't dismiss the above scenario is a joke, as it is not, not in today's China anyway. The logic as such has been freshly presented as a valid argument against Bo Xilai by a leading Chinese law professor. The guy claimed that persecution team in the Jinan trial displayed a chain of evidence against Bo Xilai while in fact all the evidences are either from a video type recording the alleged confession from, supposedly, Bo Xilai's Wife, or from convicted criminals. Not a single tangible evidence ever surfaced in the courtroom for cross examination. When China's legal field is dominated by law professors like this guy and law practitioners like the court officials in Shanghai, what is a chance for ordinary Chinese people to expect justice from China's legal system?

Here are what typically Chinese said on Chinese language social media about the so-called "chain of evidence" against Bo Xilai:

单于: 检察日报2013年9月8日刊登樊崇义赵培显的文章,声称薄熙来案公诉方证据已形成链. 无耻法学人樊崇义赵培显. 实际上,正是因为济南检察院薄案起诉书漏洞百出,不仅指证部分多处引用中纪委材料作为证据,这本身即不合法, 同时,采用的证人都为有犯罪前科的污点证人作证言,尤其重要证人谷开来的视频录像明显是后期合成的假录像,居然可以提供法庭做为证据作用,漏洞极大。


综上可见,检察院的证据根本就形不成任何证据链,是多处断裂的证据链条。谁主张,谁举证,公诉人认为他有罪,就拿出证据。按照法律规定,与嫌犯有利害关系的人所提供的证言,理应不被采纳,这就像直系亲属证词不采纳一样。你公诉方拿不出像样的证据,凭什么要求法院定罪? 在薄案审理进入法庭合议过程中,检察日报发表这样不负责的文章,是利用媒体对司法审判的干扰。


不懂理论: 这个无耻叫兽,把逼供出来的签字口供作为物证,简直是玩弄文字游戏!却不提房产证,银行帐户这些法律文件中,房产不在谷开来名下,钱不在谷开来帐下。

神佑薄熙来: 一看面相,就可看出这两人的卑鄙下流,舔汉奸屁股的心理。装什么东西。


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