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China's Legal System - A Whore to Power

7 August 2013

A job ad in China:
Workers needed (chicken shop) - monthly income 1,800 - 8,000 yuans (red light district in White Pagoda)

The word (chick) in contemporary Chinese vocabulary not only refers to a certain kind of birds but a certain kind of women - the women who decide to set up a free trade zone in their body, very much like what Premier Li Keqiang has done to Shanghai. The big difference between the two is when Li Keqiang trades China's financial autonomy for cheque that allows him to purchase power for himself and his interest group from the world bank, it is legal, but when Chinese women trade their bodily autonomy for cash that allows them to buy daily necessaries from shops, it is illegal.

However, regardless it's legal or not, it is not a desirable life style as it will compromise the tangible and intangible integrity of a person or a country engaged in the trade and lead to a self-destructive end. But that is not what we intend to discuss here. What we are interested to know is who are in the position to enforce the law over the illegal autonomy traders.

You may regard us as a bunch of fools. The Chinese judges in the Chinese court of course, you say.

Okay, but what if Chinese judges themselves are the ones involved in the illegal body autonomy trade business, and in a group action, and at a government sponsored premises?

No kidding! Five judges and court officials from Shanghai High Court have been found to take over the bodily autonomy of the female workers from an illegally operated Shanghai escort agency at a hotel that is partly designated for official business uses.

The exposure of "chick" affairs is a consequence of a controversial court verdict delivered about six year ago by one of the judges implicated in the scandal. The disgruntled man who lost his case sold his house to raise fund in order to secretly investigate the judge. The result is an 8-minutes video footage containing the illegal sex trade extracted from a 30-hours long surveillance video tape.

What is remarkable about this incident is the confidence that the unhappy man possessed when he decided to explore the judge's misdeeds. Seemingly he was quite sure that he would certainly find something noteworthy. And he was right. And many cyber users agreed that his initial confidence in embracing the stalking project at whatever the cost was entirely justified since the chances to successfully collect evidences against Chinese court officials are extremely high in today's China.

To be fair, Shanghai could be considered as one of the least corrupted cities in China, and the local government there responded swiftly when the judges were found guilty, which is unlike what happened in Beijing. When premier Wen Jiabao's 27 billion dollar corruption scandal broke out, the Central Government refused (and is still refusing) even to probe the matter but attacked the investigate journalist instead. Imagine what is the situation in the rest of China, such as Hefei, the capital city of Premier Li Keqiang's home province, where a fake trial of Bo Xilai's wife was conducted, and such as Jinan, the capital city of China's First Lady's home province, where a farcical trial of Bo Xilai is about to take place!

Below are some typical comments posted on Chinese online media:



I heard the judges involved in the scandal have been stepped down from their jobs, which I don't think is an appropriate way to tackle the problem. If we keep firing judge each time when he is found to be corrupted, believe me, before long, there will be no judge left in China.



This special group of people who control China's legal system have revealed their true face. They have no respect for law, no reverence for their profession and no concern for social justice. Therefore, it is very hard to believe they would be able to handle the cases in accordance with the law, and with the law only.

东方日报 陈竞立




In today's China, nearly nine in every ten government officials are more or less corrupted. According to one report, 95% of officials investigated by the discipline committees were found to have concubines or mistresses.

This is an era of dream and lust, with government being the biggest patron and benefactor of the illegal sex industry for the sexual service officials receive and for the huge tax revenue the government obtains.

Thus no one should be surprised when seeing so many people being falsely accused and wrongfully convicted by China's laughable legal system.



In China, is there any difference between a courtroom and a whorehouse? And any difference between a judge and a villain?



They try prostitute in the courtroom during the day and try prostitute in the bed at the night.


白天玩法律 晚上玩女人

They play law during the day and play women at night.



They look like angels on the stage and behave like devils off the stage.



Like this, they still think they are in the position to try Bo Xilai!!!!



Like this, China will have no future.
















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